Thursday, July 5, 2012

Off to Mimi's we shall go...

Last Friday, Brady and I took off to stay with my mom for a few days.  AB has been working really long hours due to harvest and my mom has 3 day weekends, so I decided we should get away for a few days.
It was my first trip all by myself.  I can now admit I was a bit nervous, considering Brady doesn't always do that well in the car.  The way up there, I had to stop FOUR times!  I left our house at 11:30 and made it to Houston around 4.  It normally is a 3 and 1/2 to 4 hour drive.  But luckily, I left in the mindset of "we will get there, when we get there!"  I wanted it to be as stress-free as possible, ha!

Yay!  We made it!!!

Traveling with a baby is always stress-free, right??

I met my mom at work and the girls entertained Brady with their singing and dancing, ha!
Once she got off work, we headed to dinner at Yia Yia Mary's.  My mom has told me how great they food there is, but I had yet to try it so we took advantage of going there since we were in the Galleria area.  And oh my!  It was delicious!!!  The hummus was the best, I've ever eaten!  You can tell it's made fresh!  I left mom order for us since I was a little over whelmed with the menu, ha.

We ordered hummus, fresh olive bread, shrimp mykonos, and a beef tenderloin gyro.  It was all soo good!!  I can't wait to go back...I've been craving that hummus ever since and I'm not really even a fan of hummus.

Saturday, I needed to return some things at Marshall's and Macy's so we headed to The Woodlands for the day.  We had a late lunch at a mexican restaurant that was really good.  The best part - Brady slept pretty much through the entire meal.  After lunch, we shopped!  Brady did okay in Marshall's but not so much in the mall.  I'm starting to think he definitely takes after his father in the shopping department! ;)  We ordered pizza for dinner, love an easy dinner!
Someone was happy to be out of the stroller...

We had to send daddy a picture since I knew he was missing us!!

I wanted to go look at fabric at High Home Fabrics so we ventured down there on Sunday.  After I picked up breakfast and delicious bagels from one of my favorite places!  I hate that we don't have one where I live!!  Loved their iced coffee!

High Home Fabrics is like a fabric hoarder's dream...which meant I was in heaven!  If only I had a ton of money to spend!!
Monday - I finally treated myself to a long awaited, much over-due pedicure.  I even got a hot stone massage.  Much needed pedicure but also mommy-time!
While I was away or sleeping or napping, Brady got to spend lots of time with Mimi.  At Marshall's, she got him a bunch of new toys - which he loved!  He also practiced sitting up with Mimi and of course army-crawling/scooting his way to whatever he wanted.  I think it's safe to say that is he is officially on the move!  He is growing up so fast...makes me so sad!

And look at this little monster!  One of the best parts of our trip to mimi's is that she did bath time every night!  Oh it may be a small thing but oh it was wonderful!

For dinner, we went to Pappa's BBQ for hamburgers.  I'd been wanting one since the last time I went to visit.  Mmmm, they are so delicious!  Brady enjoyed sweet potatoes, instead of a burger.

So we used this book to distract him, since he wanted to crawl everywhere.  We would push the buttons on the side to play the music.  The next morning, he seemed liked he was trying to push the buttons himself with his thumb.  So I showed him twice how to push the button and what do you know...he started pushing it himself!  I was so excited AND proud!

 Genius baby?!?!?  ha!

 Brady also did his fair share of eating.  He got his first taste of bananas while at Mimi's.  He couldn't really pick them up but I let him make an attempt at it.

Mmmmmm...teething biscuit!  Those things are not my favorite, they are sooo messy!

So the Aggies officially joined the SEC on Sunday.  Perfect reason to reason his A&M bubble.  (because I don't think daddy is going to let us wear bubbles for too much longer!) :(

I always get so sentimental/sad when it's time to leave my parents.  I guess I just don't like being so far away from them.  Tuesday morning, my mom was already gone to work so I loaded us all up and we were on the road by 11:30.  I timed it just right where B. slept for the first 2 hours.  It was wonderful!  We stopped for about 30 minutes to nurse and just take a break from being in his seat.  He fussed for about 10 minutes then slept until we pulled into the garage.  We made it home in 4 hours, not bad!  The trip home was actual pretty pleasant! :)

Saturday when we were out shopping, I told my mom I wanted to go to Sephora to get new mascara.  I've been using Clinque forever but decided to try something different.  Well, my mom decided to treat me to Lancome mascara AND new eyeliner and eye shadow.  I also got earrings while at High Home Fashion - so I took a picture of my all the new me, ha!

I'm so thankful for the time we got to spend at my mom's.  I wish my dad would have been able to be with us, Papa always misses out due to work.  It was so great to get away and spend some time in the big city.  I won't lie, I love the big city!!  So many places to eat, shop, and explore!  Thanks mom/mimi for a wonderful time!!  It was so great to sleep in, take naps, and be off bath duty for a few nights.  I know Brady loved being spoiled by his Mimi.  We miss you so much already!  And thanks daddy for letting us get away for a few days...I know you are glad we are home.

And from the looks of it, I might want to consider going on a diet after this trip - ha!  I know this post is already on photo overload but I just couldn't resist!  My little Aggie during our little break on the way home...

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