Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10 Months

Last Tuesday on the 16th, Brady turned TEN months!  I think I am in somewhat of denial as we are quickly approaching the one year mark.

Here is what our sweet boy is up to these days...

Weight: just over 17lbs
Height: ???  will measure him soon
Clothes:  wears size some 6-9M, mostly 9M, and a few 9-12M depending on the brand
Diaper:  still wears a 3
Teeth:  has 8 teeth and working on #9 and 10
Feeding:  still nursing every 3-4 hours and lots of food/snacks in between

Speaking of food, you are a great eater.  I got a little worried about 2 weeks ago when you started not wanting table food anymore but turns out you were coming down with a virus and now that you are better, you are eating anything and everything we put in front of you.  Your favorites are chicken, brisket, mac n cheese, rice, waffles/pancakes, sweet cherry tomatoes, broccoli kale cheddar puffs, applesauce in the squeeze pouch, any fruit/veggie combo in the squeeze pouch (so thankful you started eating those again, they are way too convenient), graham crackers, and frozen mango.  You typically eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with us.  At dinner, I will feed you whatever we are eating or will make you a waffle or chicken breast.  Sometimes I can get you to eat Greek yogurt but really depends on your mood.
Talking.  You are a chatter box!  You talk the most in the mornings.  You love to look outside and just chat.  You can say:
-dada (you hardly ever say it anymore)
-mama (you really only say it when you really want something - for instance at HL one day you wanted out of the basket and I wouldn't let you and you shouted "MAMA!" haha well okay)
-dog (this you say all the time and call just about everything a dog)
-side (not sure if you are saying side but sounds like it)
-hey (you say this fairly often too)
-baba (as in buhbye)
 Plus lots of words we don't understand.  But you sure tell us stuff all the time.  It's too cute!!

And you are incredibly friendly.  You always try to get people's attention when we are out and about.  S.ometimes you aren't so subtle about this, ha!  You will shout "hey!" to them and reach your hand out towards them.  I call you my social butterfly.  But there are times you can be very serious and unsure around people.

Sleep.  You've never been a great sleeper and you still don't sleep through the night.  But I am completely okay with that.  I'm just thankful I'm able to stay home and take a nap with you ;)  Your naps have gotten tremendously better.  You normally take about a 2 hr nap in the mornings from (10am-12pm) and another 2 hr nap from 3pm-5pm.  I normally lay down with you during your afternoon nap or nap while you nap in your crib.  You still wake up 2 times a night.

A typical day for us is...between 7:15 and 8 wake up.  Breakfast, normally oatmeal w/ fruit.  Play until 9:30-10, nurse then go down for a nap. Wake up, lunch and play some more or go run a few errands.  Nurse again around 3pm and go down for another nap.  Once you wake up, play while I cook dinner and wait for daddy to get home around 6pm.  We eat dinner around 7pm then you go straight to a bath.  Nurse to sleep.  We try to put you down by 8:30 but lately it's been taking us until 9 to get you to sleep.  You get wired after bath-time.  Lately, we've been letting you cry yourself to sleep - breaks my heart!   
Bath-time.  You still love it!  We no longer use the Tuckie-Duckie.  After 8 and half months I thought it was time to retire it.  Now you can play and splash all around in the big tub.  Your favorite thing to do is suck on the wash cloth and knock off all the bottles into the tub.

You are developing into one amazing little boy.  You amaze us everyday with the things that you do.

Recently, you've discovered how to play "peek-a-boo" or "where's Brady?"  You will use a blanket, small towel, or stand behind the curtain and hide, then we will say "where's Brady?" and you will uncover your face and laugh.  It is the most precious thing ever!!

You still love and adore Reno and Coco.  You and Coco are still good buds.  You have started noticing their eyes and love to poke point at them.  Reno has really started to warm up to you.  You are so gentle with them, "soft hands" as we like to say.

You are really into sharing.  If you are eating something, you will gladly try to offer a piece of it to one of us or to Coco, ha!  You also love to give kisses, well really only to momma.  Kind of hurts daddy's feelings ;)  I think it's safe to say "you are a momma's boy!"
You have discovered the toilet and toilet paper.  Ugh!  We now have to keep all the bathroom doors shut or else we'll find you eating the toilet paper, unrolling all of it, or playing in the toilet water.  Ick!!

You have also been quite the climber.  I am not a fan of this.  We had to take your little wooden rocking chair out of sight because you thought standing up, backwards was the way to go.  You also try to climb up the baby gates.  Thankfully, you are very sure-footed.

Walking...you are so close.  You can cruise down the couch, from one object to another if they are in close range, and from one french door to another, or one window to another in the living room.  You will walk while pushing a walking toy around (like your train or the wooden walker @ mimi's).  But you really love to crawl and push things around, anything that slides good.  Like board books, a paper plate, etc.

Some of your favorite toys are: your piano, a square frying pan (makes a ton of noise on the tile floor), any little object you can hold in your hand, and recently little cars/trucks you can push around.

You are busy, busy!  If you are awake, you are moving.  A mover and a shaker!

I know you are my child, but I think you are so smart and catch onto things so easily.  You also notice EVERYTHING!  I love watching you explore this big ol' world and watching things through your eyes is truly amazing.  I am so blessed to be your momma.  Your daddy and I often just sit and say "gosh, we love that boy!"  I just wish you'd stop growing up so fast!  Feels like yesterday we were bringing you home from the hospital.  You have taught me so much about life in these short 10 months.  You bring so much joy into our lives.  You are the sweetest thing ever...I like to call you "sugar" because I have never known something so sweet.  I praise Jesus for your sweet, sweet life.  And for those sweet little baby feet!

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