Saturday, October 27, 2012

Here and there, and everywhere...

We've been busy playing, having lunch dates, and just making pure messes around the house.

 And we are looking like a big boy these days.  Which mommy isn't thrilled about.

It's a full-time job keeping my house clean and while B. thinks he's helping...clearly he isn't.  We've had 2 things broken (a vase and a glass bottle), furniture rearranged, and baby gates taken down.  We can no longer use the baby gates because he thinks they are to be climb on.  Someone loves to climb!

Thursday we had Kindermusik where we got to play with wooden shakers.  Brady couldn't decide if he should eat them or shake them.

After music we met daddy to go look at plants for the flower beds we are putting in.  Then we had a picnic lunch out at the farm.

Thursday night we had dinner with AB's family for his cousins 18th birthday.  I don't even remember turning 18 - does that make me old?  Or I'm a mom now and my memory is shot.
 Brady with his great grandmother.

We did have our first cold front come in yesterday.  Finally!  I am sick of the HOT weather.  Feels like fall for once.  I'm sure it will be short-lived so I better change his outfits frequently so we can wear all those warm clothes.  Ha!

Saturday morning is when daddy takes Brady to the local coffee shop for a pancake.  He has been taking him since he was just a month or 2 old.  Just recently he started getting a pancake.  So I tagged along this morning since we had plans to go to the pumpkin patch afterwards with some friends.  We decided against going because it was way too windy and chilly for the babes.
 Daddy dresses him too.  And since it's know he will be in maroon & white.
Gig 'em!!!!
Now bring on those tigers....BTHO Auburn!!

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