Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Weekend with Family

We spent last weekend at my parents.  I always love going "home" and I always hate having to say goodbye.  But am so thankful for a husband who is willing to take me anytime I ask.  We left Friday morning and I believe it was the first time we drove straight through, without stopping since we've had B.  I also ended up getting a new car on Friday.  It was delivered to my parents house that afternoon.  Sad to see my Tahoe go but it's so nice to have a new, reliable car.  And so thankful to my wonderful husband who always puts me first.  Thank you for such a wonderful (early) birthday gift!  One of my favorite things...XM radio, totally reliving my childhood with the 90's station.

The weekend was rather low-key.  We spent most of our time just hanging out and eating.  My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came down for the night.  Always love seeing them.  My sister and her kids were also there for the weekend.  So lots of family, kiddos, play, love, and laughter.

Cousins playing with each other.  These pictures melt my heart.  I love to watch Brady interact with other kiddos.  

 Brady loved looking outside my parents back door.  I think he really wants to be outside but just hard to get around with crawling.

 There was lots of playing.  These were Ace's tractors but Brady loved them.  He has these same ones but hasn't shown much interest in them.  Looks like he will be a farm boy after all ;)

Cousin Ace on the go...
Saturday I got a much needed hair cut and then AB and I went for a quick lunch.  Burgers and frozen custard, doesn't get much better than that.  We also went just by ourselves.  Brady got to stay with Aunt Kara, who quickly volunteered to stay with him. ha!
My new hair in my new car.  Feeling like a new woman!
And yes...welcome to delicious!  Sweet treat with the hubs.

My mom needed the pine tree in the front yard trimmed so my brother took care of it for her.  It was a family event.  Everyone watched outside while B. and I watched from the window.  The chainsaw was just a bit scary for him.  We then all enjoyed some time outside.

Saturday was also the Aggie game.  We played Ole Miss in our first on the road SEC game.  Should have been an "easy win" but yeah us Aggies don't know how to do easy.  It was a nail-bitter until the very end!  Emotional rollercoaster.  AB and I actually went to a local restaurant to watch the game on their patio and have pizza & wings.  First time we've been out like that in a looong time.  I decided to order dessert after our 6th turnover (when all else fails eat dessert, right?) and thank goodness I did.  Because otherwise we would have left and miss the exciting finish - a fighting Texas Aggie win!  Totally didn't deserve to win but a win is a win!
This was Brady on the way home.  Bless his heart.
These are just the photos off my phone...I have lots more on the camera so looks like I'll do another post tomorrow because it's off to bed for me.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  It was one those weekends that I just didn't want to end.  Love those kind!

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