Wednesday, May 29, 2013

16 Months

*oopsie, this was supposed to post last month!  I'm away behind in updating this blog :-/

So I've kind of fallen down on my job of monthly updates...which makes me sad because boy is our little guy changing so much these days!

Here are a few of his stats:
Weight: 20ish lbs
Size 4 diaper
Size 5 shoe
Clothes: 12-18 month
Teeth: 10 I believe
Language: chatty Cathy :)

First time to ride in the "car" grocery kart...he loved it!

Words he can say are: momma, daddy, kitty, meow, dog, Reno, Toto (Coco), cheese, bite, seat, teeth, shoe (choo), no, yep!, mimi, papa, nina, book (bock), ne-ne (truck sound), side (outside), nite night...

He loves "brushing" his teeth and loves to steal the toothpaste out of your bathroom drawer.  He also love to take showers.  Daddy started giving him a shower instead of a bath and he is a fan!

He is pretty much into everything these days...which keeps this momma really busy.  And tired.  But I love him to pieces and LOVE this stage!  He is starting to independent play more and I love watching him play.

He still loves outside and prefers to be "side" at every waking moment.

Brady takes one nap...normally goes down around noon and sleeps until 2ish.  And thankfully, we are still sleeping through the night.  Just wish his wake-up time was a little later.  6am is wayyy too early for this momma!  Thankfully, daddy normally can get him back to sleep for another 30 or 45 minutes.

Eating - he pretty much eats whatever we are eating.  Isn't too fond of meat anymore but loves sausage and steak.  Breakfast is normally your biggest meal and sometimes dinner, depending on how lunch went.  And we have transitioned to full raw cow's milk.  It is yummy!

Brady, you amaze us everyday!  We love watching you grow and learn!  You give us sunshine on cloudy days...we love you to pieces sweet boy!

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