Thursday, May 30, 2013

Fun at Mimi & Papa's

Probably one of my most favorite things of being a SAHM is we can go and do as we please.  These are the type of things I would dream about before becoming a mom.  Being able to pack up and just go...without having to adjust our schedule, worry with work, or places being crowded. 

Almost two weeks ago (May 15th), B and I loaded up and headed to my parents for a few days.  Normally when we go it's always for some kind of occasion or just over the weekend.  So it was nice to go with no agenda and just be.

Life has been less than kind to us here recently (just a season we are going through) and sometimes you just need home, your momma, and time to be...still.

And of course, it's always fun for Brady to be at his Mimi & Papa's.  Turned out to be great timing since my brother and his family were going to be there at the same time.  They just had a new baby so it was great to see them & hold my newest nephew!!

Mimi with her boys.

Lots of time was spent climbing up the stairs.  He didn't want to come downstairs, so he just sat up at the top...ha!  Welcome to the toddler days of I'll do it my way ;)

He is obsessed with kitties.  He loved following Max around, feeding him, and enjoying his cat food.  Yes!  All he wants to do is eat cat food & dog food...wears me out!

No agenda...meant sleeping in, doing whatever we pleased, or not doing anything at all.  Time for a pedicure and manicure, lunch at Panera Bread, and just out &!  Talk about wonderful!!!  Oh how I wish we lived closer to my parents b/c being able to have a "break" is so good for a momma's soul :) We did get B. a hair-cut while there.  His 2nd one and he did so good, sitting in the chair like a big boy!

Handsome little man!
He's growing up so fast...I love it and hate it all at the same time.  If that makes any sense...I love him being little but love watching him grow.
Papa was ready for a nap & so was B...he sure does loves his Papa!  I mean how can you not love Papa ;)
And time to share delicious Culver's custard with your the very.last.drop.
We stayed for 5 days & gained 5lbs from all the good food we ate!  It was bliss and we were already missing Mimi & Papa by the time we got home.  But daddy sure missed us and was so glad to have his little family back together!

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