Tuesday, May 14, 2013

April Updates - Birthday Fun

So I've clearly failed on posting about Christmas and Easter.  I've debated just writing about them anyway for my sake, because let's face it...I probably will forget the details & the whole reason I "blog" is a way to look back on our lives.  So I think I just talked myself into blogging about those holidays, ha!

But for now I'm going to do just a general update about April...

First of April, we celebrated my sweet friend Lacy's birthday!  It was a fun night out with adult conversation & a few games at darts.  Which apparently I am no good at.

The weekend of April 13th, I headed to San Antonio to celebrate my momma's birthday on the Riverwalk.  My sister, aunt, cousin, and myself surprised my mom with a girls trip to SA.  We had a wonderful time!!! 

San Antonio traffic...not so fun!

We arrived Saturday, had lunch, then walked the river.  My good friend from college was able to get away for the weekend & join us.  I was so glad to be able to see her.  We don't get to see each near enough now that we have kids and live about 5 hours away from each other.
college friends...love her!
That evening we went to dinner and then headed to Pete's Piano Bar for some sing-a-long fun!

Mother & Daughters
We paid to have them write Happy Birthday to mom.  I wasn't happy that they wrote it below that nonsense...we all know the Aggies now play in a real conference & we really don't care about the Big (Little) 12.  Hmm, have they talked to Johnny Football?! ;)

Love my momma!!!

Mom wanted to check out a church that was on some mission grounds on the southside of SA.  So Sunday we checked out of our hotel and headed to mass.  We attended the mariachi mass.  Which was definitely interesting and they told you lots of history about the church.  It was like a mini field trip :)

We ended up having lunch a local mexican restaurant that was really yummy!  Afterwards, we said our goodbyes and hit the road back home.  I really enjoyed my night away and off my mom duties.  Even though I really did my sweet boy & his daddy...it was nice to be able to take some "me time" and enjoy fun music in the car! :)

And because I am clearly a nerd and have no life while I'm by myself...I took all kinds of "selfies" haha.  No I was really trying to get a picture of my new earrings that I had gotten while at market back in March.  They are now a staple in my wardrobe & I just thought I needed to share w/ the whole world how awesome they were!  Clearly I have nooo life or maybe it's just the little things that make me happen...

And I was happy about wearing my new "Mama Loved" shirt!  We ordered these at market & it's my favorite!  Not to mention the shirt is super comfy!!

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