Monday, June 23, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

So I hadn't blogged regularly like I had hoped I would.  Such as life!  Father's day weekend was packed full of fun stuff. 

Saturday morning, I cleaned up the house (from a bachelorette party the night before) while my in-laws helped AB trim our oaks and cut down another tree.  Then we took a glorious 4 hour family nap.  Later that evening, we went over to some friends house.  The boys loved playing outside!  The dads chatted inside, while us girls played & chatted outside while the boys played.

Sunday we went to church, came home and ate lunch.  That evening the in-laws came over for dinner.  AB grilled steaks, while I grilled shrimp inside on the grill pan.  We had baked sweet potatoes and watermelon.  Perfect whole30 compliant Father's day meal.  We even ate on the fine china in honor of Father's day.  Nothing but the best! ;)

AB is the best daddy to B.  He is so incredibly patient, loving, and such a great example.  He leads and guides our family with integrity and Christian values.  He is a hard-worker and always puts us first.  I am so thankful for him and so thankful he is the father of B.  We love you honey!!

I also have an amazing father!  He adores me and adores his grandbabies.  He is funny, loving, caring, and will do anything for his family.  I can't thank him enough for the sacrifices he has made for us and how he has loved us well.  He also has loved my mom in  a way that shows us what it means to love.  Dad, I love you and am thank God you he picked you to be my dad!!

And my father-in-law, is also an wonderful man who loves us big!  He is also willing to help us out, loves B. like no other, and is compassionate and kind.  He is also a very hard-worker and I am so thankful he raised AB to the be man he is.

I couldn't be more thankful for these men!!  Happy Father's day to them!!!

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