Monday, June 23, 2014

Whole30 Update: Day 22

I am on day 22 of whole30.  Can't believe it's somewhat close to coming to an end.  It really is more kind of a habit, rather than a "count down the days."  Actually, I kind of stopped counting days about a week ago.

I will admit I still miss my cream and sugar in the mornings with my coffee and there a times I'd love to pull into Whataburger and get a hamburger, fries, and Dr. Pepper!!  I did cheat once (due to lack of being prepared) and within 30 minutes got a headache.

Overall, I am feeling good.  Last week, I was really struggling with energy.  Just flat out tired.  I think planning a bachelorette party and VBS, staying up wayy to late started to catch up with me.  I started trying to go to bed at a decent time (I am naturally a night owl) and upping my protein intake and I think that has helped.

Actually, today is the first day I haven't really wanted something sweet.  Fruit didn't even sound good and sounded too sweet.  What??  I will admit I've probably eaten 2 whole watermelons by myself within the last week.  They have just been so good.  And sweet!!  Now I'm trying to focus on not snacking.  I have allowed myself to have a snack when I felt like I needed one, but really it's more I just want to eat, to eat.

So here's what I've been eating in pictures:

Tuna fish with homemade mayo

Baked chicken with olive oil, carrots and celery, garlic, salt & pepper, mashed sweet potatoes with coconut butter & cinnamon, sliced cucumbers & tomatoes.

 Breakfast: pork patties, sauteed mushrooms with an egg & fresh fruit.

 Lunch: chicken salad (made w/ homemade left-over roasted chicken, pickles, homemade mayo), apple chicken sausage, sliced apples with cashew butter sprinkled w/ cinnamon, fresh fruit.

 Perfect snack: sliced apple, cashew butter, cinnamon, dried coconut chips.

 Pork patties, guacamole, sliced tomatoes

Breakfast (B. picked out my plate:): ground pork, poached eggs, mashed sweet potato with ghee, and watermelon

Breakfast: pork, sweet potato hash, eggs, and fresh fruit

One of my favorite meals!  Marinara sauce (no sugar) simmered with grass-fed beef, carrots, mushrooms, & onions with sauteed zucchini noodles.  So good!!

I've been craving iced coffee.  I've had a few cups of black coffee but it's just not the same.  I had some left over black coffee from breakfast and threw it in a blender, added canned coconut milk, tablespoon of coconut butter, dash of cinnamon, and a few ice cubes.  Turned out to be a perfect treat for during naptime.

Also - it's naptime and I'm NOT napping!  This is huge!!  By 2pm everyday, I was done and needed a nap.  Now I don't feel that afternoon slump, or I should say not near as much as I did prior to whole30.

So there ya go...of course those are just the meals I remembered to snap pictures of.  Here's to finishing strong!!  I'll give an update once I'm done!!!

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