Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weekend Recap

We love weekends around here!  We had a fun, relaxing weekend.

Friday night, we cooked dinner then I hung out on the couch by myself while the boys crashed early.  Was nice to be able to watch whatever I wanted on TV and read a book.

Friday was also National Donut Day so I treated this little guy to donut holes.  He said they "were yummy in his tummy!"

Saturday, I got up and cooked us all breakfast and cleaned up around the house.  We had a pool birthday party right before lunch.  B is like a little fish!  Couldn't get enough of the water!

Pool birthday parties are the best!  Especially before naptime...we came home and everyone took reallllly long naps!  That afternoon, we went to eat my in-laws parents house for dinner.  I also worked on doing a little embroidery!

Sunday -we went to church.  It was Pentacost so everyone was asked to wear red.  Well a certain 2 year old told us, "I wear farmer, I wear Aggie!" when he saw it hanging.  Haha!  Well okay...Aggie farmer it is! :)  Our pastor told him, "maroon isn't red, but it's just as good!"  His boys are Aggies!

I had a VBS meeting that evening at church, then came home for dinner and watched a little of the Miss USA pageant.  We had watermelon (with real salt) for an after dinner snack.  So yummy!!  I hated to see the weekend come to an end...

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