Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Our Hill Country Day

This past Monday, AB had the day off so we decided to spend the day together doing something fun. We actually try to spend a day of just "us" doing something whenever we have a free weekend. And I really enjoy spending time with AB. He is a pretty cool person to just hang out with :)

That is one good thing I can say about San Antonio is it has allowed AB & I get closer than ever before. And we look forward to our little day trips & getaways.

Monday, he let me sleep in late. Then just before lunch we headed north. First, we stopped at Dick's to get me some new tennis shoes! I was pretty exciting considering I didn't know I would be getting new shoes (and I don't like to spend money on that kind of stuff) :) so what a fun way to start the day! The tennis shoes I had are a couple years old and recently started giving me blisters so AB decided it was time for some new ones! And he knows I wouldn't go on my own & get them - because let's face it - when money it tight, shopping is the last thing on my mind. My shoes are pink & black! & I love them!!

After Dick's, we went to downtown Boerne to have lunch. And OH MY was it delicious!! Boerne is such a cute little town and we ended up picking Boerne Grill for lunch. Ended up being a great choice considering we had never been there.

AB had a Hawaiian club sandwich that was so yummy!

I got a turkey melt that was so good. It had some of the best bacon on it - mmm!

I wish we could have spent more time in Boerne because all the little shops on Main Street looked so cute. And filled with antique shops! I am thinking I need to coordinate a girls trip there this fall. But since we our day was mostly about hiking Enchanted Rock, we had to keep moving north.

After lunch, we drove through the beautiful hill country to Fredericksburg. Oh how I love Fredericksburg! It is simply a piece of Texas that you just can't help but love.

Our first stop: Das Peach Haus
I was on the hunt for homemade peach ice cream but I also wanted some fresh, good ol' tasty, peaches! I got some harvester peaches (which are so juicy & sweet) and some peach honey, yum!

I mean you just can't go to Fredericksburg without getting peaches.

Next stop was finally Enchanted Rock. The whole thing reason we wanted to go to Fredericksburg for the day. Okay, I really would have loved to shopped till I dropped but let's be honest - AB is NOT a shopper & well that would require money & lots of it.

And that my friends above is one gigantic rock. Actually it is one huge gigantic piece or granite.

FINALLY made it up to the TOP! After I thought I might die from heat exhaustion & being just flat out of shape...wait, round is a shape! ;)

Enjoying a delicious peach on top of Enchanted Rock

The rock is some 1800 feet above elevation. It is a 425 feet trek up & roughly .6 miles. The wind was blowing like crazy!

On our way back down...

After a hard day's hike, we headed back to Fredericksburg to reward ourselves. I wanted homemade peach ice cream!! We found a little roadside peach stand that had "ice cream" on a sign. AB pulled in there & I got 2 scoops of some of the most delicious peach ice cream I've ever tasted.

It actually tasted just like a peach cobbler - only cold. Which felt good because we were so hot from our hike. The little old lady at the stand got it right out of a tub in a deep freezer. Oh how I wish I had some of that ice cream right now...

On to our last & final stop: Wild Seed Farms

It is a really neat place with all kind of seeds, plants & trees. They also have peach ice cream! We just took a walk around on the trails and looked at all the different kind of plants. Seeing what we might like to put in our yard - one day. We were pretty hot & tired so decided it was time to head back home. We took a different route home and just took in all of the hill country. Once we got home, we got cleaned up and went on a date. To eat favorite!

AB during lunch :) I love him! Thanks for such a fun day!

It was such a perfect day! I am so thankful for a husband who loves to spend with me. We had a wonderful day together and I can't wait to do it again soon.

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