Saturday, October 29, 2011

32 Weeks

How Far Along: 32 weeks
Size of baby: size of a large squash - about 3.5 lbs
Total Weight Gain/Loss: +10
Gender: It's a BOY!!! Brady Allen
Maternity Clothes: Dress pants/capris (pants are getting a little tight) & dresses
Movement: yes, lots! Seems like he is moving non-stop
Sleep: back to not being able to sleep all that well...probably doesn't help that I take afternoon naps but I'm exhausted when I get home
What I miss: being able to sit/lay on my side comfortable & being able to do the things I used too easily (ie: moving the laundry to the washer & dryer, getting dressed, ha!)
Cravings: ice water & food in appetite has definitely picked up
Symptoms: just so TIRED in the afternoon!! no more heartburn now that I got medication, thank you modern medicine!!
Best Moment this week: getting a new camera for when B. gets here!! Beware - my blog will be overtaken by him :)

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