Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Floors, Grace, Pumpkins & a crib...

Last weekend was a fun-filled one.

Friday afternoon, I got a text saying that my friend Robyn was in labor. Totally made my day!! I could not wait to meet/hold sweet Grace aka Brady's girlfriend. It was late in the afternoon so I knew Saturday we'd be making a trip into town to meet her.

Friday, when I got home from work AB & his dad were working on installing the floor in B's room. We are making progress on the nursery! Makes me so happy because I'm starting to freak out about time. I had to snap some photos of their work of labor or labor of love?

And done...yay! Looks beautiful!!

Saturday morning, we got up & headed into town. We dropped the dogs off at the groomer's and then found a little hole in the wall place to eat breakfast tacos, yum! Afterwards, we headed to the hospital to meet baby Grace & see how momma & daddy were doing. All were doing great! & Grace is just as cute as can be!

We can't wait for Grace to meet Brady!

Funny thing is...Robyn (Grace's momma) and I planned our wedding together at the same time, then when I found out we were moving to South Texas, I found out that they were also moving to South Texas. I was so excited! Then I found out Robyn was pregnant & well I happened to be pregnant too. Funny, how life works out. We are so blessed to have them close by us & I'm excited Brady will have a play-date friend :) actually he will have several, with all the friends I know having babies this fall/winter. He will actually have 2 little girlfriends :)

And I can't forget my other babies...who looked so cute when we picked them up from getting their hair did :)

Saturday afternoon, we watched the Aggies...well blow the 2nd half of the game like they did the week before. AB was not a happy camper!

Saturday evening, I had a girls night planned with teachers I work with. We went to eat at Kiko's (yum!) and then to Tipsy Canvas to paint! It was a lot of fun...just long! 7-10pm...I was falling asleep towards the end, ha! But I had so much fun & had a ton of laughs! Looking forward to going back to paint some more!

The before...
The after...
All of us

Then us with our master pieces...ha!
I thought we did pretty good. We definitely accomplished having a good time!

Sunday we visited a church with a friend who invited us to a special "church in the park" or "church without walls." The weather was great! After church, we had a hamburgers & hotdogs at the park. Then the main thing I had on my agenda for the day was getting the crib put up! So now the crib is up & ready for bedding!

This weekend I'm starting on the bedding. Can't wait to see the room all put together! & now I'm ready for another weekend...the work week is so over-rated!

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  1. nice work on the floor! looks great!