Monday, August 20, 2012

8 Months

Only 4 days late...and I can't believe it's been an month since I last blogged.  Where has the time gone?  We are just so busy "living" life, I haven't had a chance to sit down & blog.  Been kind of nice but lately I've been missing it.

So Brady, you turned EIGHT months last Thursday!  Oh my sweet boy, you are growing way too fast and the months are just flying by.  I know they will only go quicker as you get older.  Hard to believe in four short months, you'll be a year old.  Oh my!

Here's what you've been up too...

You weigh 17 pounds.
You wear a size 3 diaper.
You wear 6-9 month clothes, more 9M.
You are still exclusively breastfeed.  You nurse 3-4 times a day.
You have four teeth now - yes 4!
You still aren't a great sleeper.  Some nights are better than others (getting up 1-2 times compared to 3-4 times).  But around the first of the month, you did sleep through the night 2 nights in a row!
You are so active!  Crawling is your main mode of getting around.  You are a quick lil' crawler too.  Didn't take you long to learn to crawl.  You started scooting, army crawling and within an week you were doing the real thing.  As soon as you started crawling, you started pulling up.  You love to pull up on the kitchen table chairs, the TV console, and ottoman.  Scares me to death!  You would rather be in the cabinets or on the go, rather than playing with your toys.  Toys keep your interest for all of 3 minutes, ha!
You'd rather be playing with things like ribbon, paper, or a box.  Coco is your best friend. She loves to play with you and lick you.  And the feeling is pretty mutual.

You are a huge fan of the dishwasher.  Mommy's helper when she's loading or unloading it.  We also had to lower your crib mattress due to your pulling up and even had to remove the frame that was above your bed.  As well, as the camera monitor.  You loved to throw it down or play with it while you were supposed to be napping/sleeping.  Such a silly boy!

You still love bath time.  But now you prefer to sit up in the tuckie duckie, rather than lay down.

You are getting so much hair - and it is SO blonde!  I believe you are definitely going to be toe-headed.  You officially have lost the "old man hair" that you had when you were born.

Some days you are a great eater, others not so much.  So far, your favorites are carrots, prunes, bananas mixed with oatmeal.  Breakfast is your favorite meal.  We also started giving you "solids" or finger-foods such as cooked/mashed up potatoes, steamed carrots, peas, rice, and steamed broccoli.  You are a huge fan of feeding yourself.  But for the most part, you still eat pureed baby food.  You also love "puffs!"  Daddy loves to feed you those!

You have mastered the pincher grasp.

You are talking more and more each day.  So far you can say "dada" "tdah" (cross between a d & t) "lala" and "mahmah" (isn't really mama but close).  You are also making all kinds of sounds - one sounds like a tractor.  You normally will try to mimic any sounds we make.

When you hear your name, you will turn and look.  Everything goes in your mouth these days.  You love to people watch and normally go really great out and about.  Especially at the grocery store, as long as you have something to chew on (like mommy's purse).
Love that you are so happy!
You have the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen!  People always comment on how "beautiful you are" or "how beautiful your blue eyes are."  Lately, people comment how much you look like mommy.  You show so much expression and I love it.  You get so excited about some things (like when you pull up and pound your hands on whatever it is, or when daddy comes home).  You are so ticklish.  Your laugh is the sweetest thing I've ever heard!!! 

You are still a morning baby!  You love the morning!!

Brady B. you are what makes this life worth living!  You are an absolute joy!  I just want to bottle you up.  I won't lie and say these last 8 months have been easy because let's face it, you aren't the easiest baby but you are my baby and my whole world.  Your daddy and I love you more than you'll ever know.  We pray you will grow up to have a heart for Jesus and you will follow His will.  We are so thankful God chose us to be your parents.  Our hearts and lives have forever been changed by your sweet, sweet spirit.  We love you sweet boy!!!


  1. I love his monogrammed onesie. He is getting so big. Absolutely precious