Saturday, February 16, 2013

First Haircut


We took Brady to get his first haircut today.  I was trying my hardest to put it off as long as possible.  We stopped into "Happy Cuts" a place I'd seen that catered to children.


I won't say it was a joyous event, but it needed to be done.  Screaming, crying children and the long wait didn't help matters.  Several times I wanted to just leave, but AB said no we've waited this long, no sense in leaving now.  But I do think putting in a car was a great idea because he loved "driving" and "neeee neenee" while getting his haircut.  I thought it was so cute his little smock had dogs on it.  His favorite :)

He was such a GOOD boy!!!

A part of me wanted to leave due to all the chaos and another part because I really didn't accept the fact my son is growing up.  Way to quickly for that matter.

And a few times I wanted to yell "STOP cutting!!!" hehe!  I felt like she just kept cutting and cutting.  We only wanted a trim, ha!

 Still sooo handsome!
All done!!!

 We even got a "First Haircut" Certificate and a little bag of baby locks to go in the baby book.  What a fun way to celebrate turning 14 months today!  Even if it did make momma a little you sweet boy!

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