Monday, February 4, 2013

Our fun weekend

We had somewhat of a fun weekend!  Friday morning, B woke up insisting we go "bye-bye" and cried when I said we weren't going bye-bye.  Broke his little heart.  So I decided cooking breakfast doesn't sound all that fun and then I realized we were out of coffee creamer so to the do-nut shop we went.

The do-nut shop over in the next town has a drive-thru which I love since we don't have to get out of the car.  So to the do-nut shop we our pj's!
While we were over there, I decided to take Brady by his great-grandmothers.  And I knew her coffee would be much better than the do-nut shops, ha.  We ended up staying almost 2 hours and "Mamu" really enjoyed seeing Brady.  Brady loved playing with Mamu's walking canes.  Brady's 2nd cousin showed up while we were there, who is also named Brady.  Was cute to watch them interact, as they are only 9 nine days apart in age.
 So all in all a fun, little morning. 
After lunch we went for a little wagon ride.  It was a BEAUTIFUL day!  And since B loves being outside, I'm trying to take advantage of the beautiful weather.  We walked a little, then decided to get in the wagon. 

With a pumpkin of course.  Did I mention he also loves to "tinker" around in the garage or look for treasures out there.  Ha, such a silly boy!
The end of our wagon ride...I think it was rather relaxin' for him.  Couldn't even sit up any longer.  But I could NOT get him to take a nap, imagine that??
And this picture just makes me SO happy!  I could look at it all day long.  There is SO much happiness in this picture.  A boy exploring this big ol' world.  If only they could stay little forever and if the simple things would be bring such happiness as an adult.
Friday evening, I had a mommy's night out planned with some girlfriends.  We went out for Mexican food and I think we ate our weight in chips & salsa!  Sadly, I didn't get a picture of us, we were too busy either stuffing our faces or TALKING!!!  But I had such a great time and it was some much needed "me" time.  So thankful for a hubby who is willing to take the boy for the evening & give me the night off.
But I did get a picture of me and my boy before heading off to dinner.  Oh how I love him!

And just so you know, the Dr. Pepper was so worth it!  Ha...I had given them up for New Year's.

Saturday - we went to lunch at Cotton's BBQ.  It is like a landmark around here that burned down a while back but one of the son's who I actually went to high school with is trying to open back up.  For now they are only serving on the weekends and in an old dance hall.  So we introduced Brady to the goodness that is Cotton's.

He thought the ribs were delicious!  And the beans...can't forget the beans!

That night we had another fun evening planned.  A date night!  Our good friend who has a band was playing near us so we put the boy to bed (while his nanna came over to sit) and headed out.

It had been forever since we'd been out, just the 2 of us.  Doesn't happen very often these days and I will say I miss it.  Now that B is older maybe we can make it happen more often.  We had a good time and enjoyed each others company, while people watching!  I was just hoping I could stay awake, ha!  I've been blessed with a pretty amazing husband.  Still love him after all these years ;)

Sunday was rather low-key.  AB wasn't feeling well and so he rested most of the day while B and I played.  We also took a little date for a special treat - pizza!  He loved getting to eat pizza!  He was in such a good mood and just made my heart so happy to see him be so happy.  And I love watching him interact with others.  He loves to say "hiii" and wave, cutest thing ever!

Who knew pizza was so funny???

And just a few random things...I realized on the way to Brewster's that I had something on my head.  Apparently, I thought I needed sunglasses at 9 o'clock at night.  Clearly I should have been in bed already...AB and I got a good laugh.  And that's the book our mom's Bible study is currently doing and it has been life-changing for me.  It is SO good and I highly recommend it to all moms, especially new moms like myself.  I can't put it down...I've read 7 chapters since Saturday.  Do yourself a favor and order this book for yourself and a friend! :)  And that was our fun weekend...

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