Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trains and Ducks

A week ago (2/19) we headed to Houston for a quick trip.  My friend had a doctor's appointment in Houston so I drove her up for her appointment and then we spent the night at my parents.  We met my mom for lunch before heading to her appointment.

Of course it's always a great day when Brady gets to see his Mimi!

During her appointment, my mom and I took B. to ride the train over by the zoo.  We were literally a few blocks away so it worked out perfectly.  And it was a gorgeous day!

These are the moments I treasure more than anything.  Getting to spend everyday with my sweet boy, exploring this world, and seeing it through his eyes.   There are days I long to go back to work but then I have days like this one where God gently reminds me to savor this precious time.  It's time I won't ever get back!  I can always make money later in life but I can't back these days or years.

After the train ride, which just about put B to sleep, we walked over to the duck pond (Hermann Park).  Brady loved chasing the ducks and scaring me to death by getting way too close to the water.
Here ducky, ducky...

 Love this!!!!!

"We’re only here for a little while
And God gives us only so much precious time
So don't let it slip on by..."
-Slip on By by Finding Favour

Wednesday I had an appointment to get my haircut and then we headed back home that afternoon.  It was a short trip but a sweet one!

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