Sunday, December 4, 2011

Is it really December already?!?!

So December is here...what happened to November?

Even though I've been waiting for December for some time...I can't believe it's here!

I feel like I never have time to blog but yet I feel like I have so much to blog this post is going to be an all over, catch-up, kind of post.

On November 17th, my in-laws took us out to eat for my birthday on top of the Omni Hotel at The Republic of Texas. It was lovely evening, where we enjoyed delicious steak! The next night, we went to The Republic of Texas again to eat, ha! Our sweet family friend Jan called us Friday evening and said she had made reservations for us and to be ready at 6. It was a wonderful surprise, even though we had gone the night before. I ended up ordering the shrimp this time & they were the BEST shrimp I've ever eaten! It was great company and the view of the bay was beautiful!

Us at dinner...

Saturday night we ended up going out to eat with our good friends Jones & Stephanie. They came and picked us up & treated us to sushi & a "bun" bowl, which is like an Asian salad. We also made a stop by Hobby Lobby :)
Sunday, the 20th was my actual birthday and it was also our first Sunday in our new church. It was a packed service, which was great to see. We normally eat Dairy Queen every Sunday after church, it's just what you do in a small town but Ms. Jan called and suggested we go to The Railroad Seafood Station instead since it was my birthday. They have the most delicious fried shrimp and seafood sauce, so once again I was treated to another, wonderful birthday meal.

Allen thinks I am rather spoiled but I told him...he also got to partake in all the birthday meals so I don't see what the problem is.

I also got several charms for my Pandora bracelet. AB was not supposed to get me anything since the camera was my gift but I see he didn't listen. Here are the ones he got me...

2 of these pink ones

But I have to agree I felt very loved over my birthday!

I only had to work the Monday & Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, which was wonderful.

My parents came over Thanksgiving break and we spent most of our time working around the house. AB built me a beautiful bed for our bedroom. He also ripped out the carpet in our bedroom and laid new laminate flooring down. And him and my mom painted our bedroom a beautiful pewter color, thanks to Pinterest.

We also hosted our very first Thanksgiving. My mom cooked a turkey breast (since it was just the 4 of us) and we had sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, my mom's delicious cornbread dressing, cranberry sauce, rolls, and of course buttermilk pie & a pecan pie.

My mom also organized Brady's room and closet and washed a good amount of his clothes and blankets.

I also had a school baby shower the day before we went on Thanksgiving break...I will post about that later this week.

And I managed to finish sewing the curtains for our living room, finally! Only been hmm a few months I've been working on them. At least they are now complete & that's one more thing checked off my list.

In other news of course! We went to birthing class and we've gone to infant CPR class. We had another ultrasound to measure the baby & well he has some chubby little cheeks! He is also measuring about 5-7 days ahead. We have another ultrasound and appointment this Thursday & my Dr is finally going to check me. Pray we have made some progress...I am ready to have this baby! We also have a hospital tour and breastfeeding class, woohoo! :)

AB also installed the car-seat this past week so we are ready!

His room is pretty much complete, just a few finishing touches (like a rug, curtains, & to hang a few things on the wall). That is what is my to do list this maybe we could wait a week before his arrival ;)

So I think that about catches me up...except I'm sure I forgot some things since I'm not really on top of things these days.

I will say that decorating for Christmas 9 months pregnant is no fun...I don't suggest it, ha! But thankfully I have an amazing husband who is willing & ready to help me anytime I call :)

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