Sunday, January 29, 2012

Christmas Eve & Day 2011

Like I said in my previous Christmas post...Christmas was pretty low this key since Brady was only 9 days old.
Christmas eve we decided to forego church since he was so little and since I was only able to stand about 5 minutes or less at a time due to my incision.

Christmas is my most favorite holiday and Christmas eve service is one of my most favorite parts of Christmas, but we just didn't want to risk Brady catching something being out and about with that many people during the peak of cold & flu season.
Oh my goodness...he was so tiny!
And sweet!

My mom was already here so my dad drove in that Saturday morning, the 24th. We were watching Pioneer Woman that morning on TV and they were having a ranch party where they served this amazing beef tenderloin cooked in butter. Lots of butter! I told AB that looks so good, maybe we should do one of those for Christmas. So we did & it was delicious! So good I think we'll make that a Christmas tradition meal.

So for Christmas eve, we had beef tenderloin, steamed green beans & broccoli, some delicious cheesy-ranch potatoes, and rolls. AB's parents and his sister came over for dinner as well.

Thanks to my mom and AB, we had an amazing Christmas eve dinner!

After dinner and cleaning up, we headed out to look at Christmas lights. Another one of my favorite things to do. I couldn't wait to take Brady to look at lights...okay so he slept through all of it but either way I loved it. My parents, my husband, my new baby boy, and myself enjoying a night of looking at Christmas lights - such precious memories. When we got home it was ready to go ready for Santa!

Since Brady was only 9 days old, we didn't really do Santa but we did have a few gifts for him for when he got up Christmas morning. Nothing fancy, just a few his first football, some books & dvds, and a few other small toys.

I do put cookies & milk out but really just for the fun of it.
Cookies & milk for Santa and Brady's stocking filled with The Winnie Pooh dvd, books, a MudPie rattle, and a bib.

Brady's Santa gifts under the tree...
and now for Christmas morning!!!!!
The greatest gift ever! A sweet 7 pound baby boy!!!!
(in his cute Kissy Kissy Christmas outfit from Mimi)
Ha, this picture cracks me up!

Once we had Christmas with Brady and my parents, we went to my in-laws to open gifts. I got a Keuring! Yay!
Brady's cousins, Joe & Ella opening Christmas presents...silly putty!
We went back to my in-laws to have Christmas lunch.
My amazing mother and I
Our sweet family on Christmas. Aww, we are so blessed!

Mom got Brady these adorable reindeer slippers to go with his Christmas outfit. So stinkin' cute!

This Christmas may have been a low-key one but it was absolutely the best one yet!
Having a newborn at Christmas is so incredibly sweet! And totally makes me only wonder what Mary went through as she brought baby Jesus into this world. A baby sent to the save the souls of man.
Christmas 2011 was so much more than I ever could have imagined. Christmas babies really are special and oh so sweet!

Thank you God for blessing us with your son. And thank you for blessing us with our son. Both have changed our lives in ways we can't even describe.

Merry Christmas my sweet Brady! Looking forward to many, many, more Christmases with you!

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