Thursday, January 5, 2012

Smocked & Oxfords

Beware...overload of cuteness & pictures
Tonight we went to dinner for my MIL's birthday and it was the perfect opportunity to dress up!

So I dressed Brady in a smocked outfit and his adorable oxford shoes that Mimi got him. I even managed to take a shower, get myself dressed, and Brady feed, bathed, & dressed all by myself - and all on time! Pretty proud of myself since AB is normally around to help me get him/us ready. He went back to work this week & we sure do miss him during the day!

Brady did so good during dinner. He slept for the first hour of dinner then it was time for him to eat. Afterwards, we "passed the package" while we ate dessert.

Dandy holding B.

Jan's turn...
Daddy's turn...

& then mommas turn :)
Sleeping through dinner
Happy Birthday Nanna!

Yes, I am completely biased but I think he is the most adorable baby boy in the south! :)

Pure Love

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