Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend Fun

We love the weekends because that means Daddy is home!

Saturday we decided to venture out as a family. We really need to organize the garage and and get it put back together so I can park my car in there so we headed to Home Depot to get shelving units. Then we made a family trip to HEB to get groceries for the week.

Brady during his first trip to Home Depot. He was a precious angel the entire time or actually he could have cared less that we were there, ha!

Sleeping is what he does best when we are out & about.

Before Home Depot, he spent a little time stretching out on his new rug. Which Coco happens to think is fabulous! She plops down on it every time she goes into his room. She is Brady's best friend, follows him (me) wherever we go. It's so cute!

Brady also was able to wear one of the onesies I made for him, its a tad bit too big but it was still super cute!

Sunday we went Bayside to a little sandwich shop to have lunch with our sweet friends who were in a nearby town for the weekend. Brady got to meet Britt, Brooke, & Rylie! It was so great to see them & spend a little bit of time with them. I hate that we don't live closer to them!

Sweet Rylie, Britt & Brady
Ohhh big yawn!
Brooklyn...I think she needs a baby boy ;)
Love them!

After all that fun...we decided to stop by and visit our other friends, Jones & Stephanie. But this absent-minded momma forgot to take a picture while we were there. I was too busy chatting with Stephanie while the boys watched tv - typical!

We had such a great weekend visiting with friends & Brady did so good.

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