Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Don't want to forget...

...this moment.

Yesterday was a trying day in our house. Brady was just not himself...essentially cried, screamed for most of the day.

I was at my witts end. He was at his.

Poor thing would cry. Poor me would cry.

Normally I can take him for a ride in the car and he goes right to sleep, well that didn't even work yesterday.

I felt like I failed him. I didn't know how to help him.

I know this will not be the only time I'll feel this way, it's just a part of parenting and a part of life.

I just kept thinking oh when will the day be over? After I gave him his bath and put him to bed...I was just sure I'd crawl in bed and fall asleep from pure mental exhaustion.

But instead I laid in bed thinking how incredibly blessed I am that God entrusted me with such a precious life. No, I won't always have the right answers or won't be able to save the day but Lord knows I love that little boy more than life itself and there is nothing that can ever take that away.

I didn't want to fall asleep because I didn't want to miss a moment! Even if moments are tough...these moments will not last forever & one day I am going to miss even the tough days.

There are women who only long to have a baby of their own. And there are mothers who long to hold their baby just one more time, after they have tragically had to say goodbye. I never want to take for granted the amazing miracle I've been given, the most important job on this earth - being a mother.

As I laid in bed thanking my Maker for making me a mother, I thought to, this is what it feels like to be full! Full of joy, full of peace, full of grace, full of a life that only He can give. Even when I thought the day may never end...

My heart is full, actually over-flowing with what great things He hath done.

And I don't want to forget it!

"I have a Maker. He formed my heart...even before time began, my life was in His hands. He knows my name...he knows my every thought...he sees each tear that falls and hears me when I call!"


  1. My precious daughter.... my heart is so full reading you words. The blessings of being a mother never end.....they keep going 30 years later. You are still a joy to me. Brady is a blessed little boy

  2. Beautiful Nancy and yes, Brady is one blessed child to have you as his mother...thanks for sharing!