Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wal-Mart, Cookies, Friends & Recipes

Sorry this post is kind of all over the place...

Today I decided to venture out & take a trip to Wal-Mart. Exciting stuff I know. My first trip to Wal-Mart since I've had the little man...oh how my life has changed.

I knew a baby would mean changes, it's just funny that a short little trip to Wal-Mart is no longer a simple task - but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Where's Brady?!

So now...where do I put my groceries? AB actually likes this because there is limited space in the basket so I can't just fill it up with non-sense. Also with a baby, I can't just "stroll" around...I have to get in & get out!

I only had a few things on my list but of course like usual, I decided since I was out I better pick up a few more things I knew we were low on. Such as Dingo treats for the dogs!
Brady did really well at Wal-Mart...until it was time to check-out. He all of sudden started wailing while I was waiting in line. Of course, it seemed like an eternity before it was my turn then the machine wasn't taking my debit card so we had to re-run it a 2nd time, all while I am sweating like crazy, trying to shove the pacifier in his mouth - which he clearly does NOT want...luckily as soon as I started pushing the basket again, he was fine! Love that little boy!!

But I did see a commercial today for these amazing looking cookies & it just so happened that I remembered about them while at Wal-Mart. Say hello to my newest, sweet friend...

Oh my goodness...have you tried these?! AB didn't seem to think they were as delicious as I thought they were but even better - cookies that I don't have to share. Only downside is there aren't near enough in the bag...totally could probably eat all of them in one sitting...if I wanted too but I do have some self-control thankfully.

Once I got home 2 of my sweet friends came over to visit me, okay let's be honest...they came over to meet/hold Brady. I was so excited for them to meet him and to have some adult conversation, ha! I miss chatting with these ladies everyday at school.

Auntie Eva

Auntie Pam

Such sweet friends! Thanks for coming to visit us!! :)

The main reason I went to Wal-Mart was because I've been wanting to try some new recipes I pinned off Pinterest.

I made this dip tonight - so good!

And I bought the stuff to make this cake too...maybe tomorrow.

Well that's how we spent our Tuesday...hope your was just as fun! :)

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