Monday, February 13, 2012

Mimi & Papa's & a BIRTHdAY!

Last Friday, we decided to pack up and head to my parents aka Mimi & Papa's for the weekend.  It was a special treat to go spend the weekend there and I'm so thankful for my hubby who is willing to take an impromptu trip on his birthday weekend.  I'm such a lucky girl!

We had a fairly low-key weekend for being out of town.  We got to Houston around 4pm.  Mom cooked salmon patties, which AB got to try for the first time and I made coconut shrimp & chicken.  Hmm, it was so good!

Saturday, we took a trip across town to look at a small bombay dresser I found on Craigslist.  We ended up getting it and I plan on using it as a bedside table in our bedroom.  I'll have to take photos of it once I move it into our of right now it's still in the garage.  Eventually I'll probably refinish it - when I find some energy somewhere, ha!

Papa and!

After an eventful time in a church parking lot while I nursed Brady and fighting the Houston traffic back to my and I headed to Home Goods & TJ-Maxx.  I love Home Goods!  Such great house stuff for great prices.  Too bad we don't have one here, or a TJ-Maxx - ugh!  We ended up getting a really neat ottoman for the living room and a pretty hamper (laundry basket) for our bedroom.  I am so tired of looking at the white laundry basket that is always in our bathroom, which happens to be teeny, tiny!  So need less to say...we had a car FULL on the way home!  We actually had to leave the hamper at my parents because it wouldn't fit in the suburban.  Ha!  I also got some new tops which are bright colors and will be great for this spring.
My new french country it!
On the way home...the back
the front seat
that's the suitcase right beside was cramped, ha!

Saturday night, we went out to dinner for AB's birthday!  We originally had plans to eat at an hibachi steakhouse but it was an hour and 45 minute wait.  Hmm, with a 8 week old...not happening!  That is what stinks about having a birthday so close to Valentine's day.  Luckily there was a Pappasito's Cantina across the street that we were able to get a table at within minutes.  AB's friend Al, surprised him & met us for dinner.  He also got meet Brady for the first time :)

Mimi and Papa before dinner
Al, AB, and B at dinner
my amazing parents
AB's first birthday as a family of 3 and as a daddy! :)
Brady was crying so we didn't try for another picture.  This is real life people ;)
We ate wayyy too much but had a wonderful time!  And thankfully Brady was a good little boy for his daddy's birthday dinner!

Sunday morning we headed back home.  I get so sad every time I leave my parents.  I just hate that we live so far away.  But that's a whole other post for another time...

But Sunday was a special day because it was AB's actual birthday!

Poor Brady on the way home...he was so tired & that's the sleep sheep we use for him during naps/sleep and I was hoping if I turned it on & put it right there he'd go/stay asleep.  Worked for a little bit but wasn't all that successful.  & the paci semi-worked as well...he did okay for his 2nd road trip.  There was a little bit more crying this time but it was more because we left at strange times & didn't time it according to his feedings.

When we got home, AB wanted to smoke ribs on his new grill he got for his birthday.  His parents had steaks cut at our little local grocery store for his birthday dinner.  Steak is his favorite, next to macaroni & cheese.  We ended up having steak, ribs, fresh green beans, left-over cheesy hash-brown casserole, & salad for his birthday dinner.  I also made him THIS dessert.  I totally read the ingredients wrong & only had 1 thing of Cool Whip so ours didn't have cool whip on top but regardless it is HEAVEN in a pan!  So good!!!!  Probably one of my newest, most favorite desserts.  Thanks once again Pinterest for another great recipe!

 Happy Birthday to an amazing husband who loves me more than anything in this world & always remembers to show or tell me.  Happy Birthday also to an awesome daddy!  Brady has known AB from day one and I love nothing more than to see them to interact with each other.  Brady has one of the BEST daddy's ever & I thank God everyday for him.  We love you dearly & hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Brady & daddy on his birthday! :)

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