Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

We had a wonderful Valentines day.  It was super simple but was one of the sweetest ever!  
Because I'm pretty sure there is nothing sweeter than a baby.

For Valentine's, AB went to the grocery store for me.  I know what you are thinking...really??  But oh this is a big deal because it saved me a trip and I didn't have to get out with baby B.  Which means I stayed in my pj's all that makes a girl happy! :)

For Valentine's, AB also cooked dinner.  I know, he is a total keeper!  He grilled shrimp, steaks, and then assisted me in making the Pioneer Woman's Hot Crush Potatoes.  I made us salads and tea.  We also ate our china for the very 1st time.  AB joked about how we were waiting to use our china for when the queen came to visit...I told him I was the queen!  Ha! :)

AB also got me chocolate covered strawberries and a card from him & Brady.

Our little Valentine joined us for dinner.  

It was the best Valentine's...simple & sweet!
With lots of love & kisses from my two sweet boys!

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