Saturday, February 18, 2012

Lunch, Play, & Dinner Date

This past Thursday we had a busy day!  A day full of dates.  A lunch date, a play date, and a dinner date!  That's a lot for one little tiny boy!  But the day flew by and it ended in one, sleepy boy at the end of the day.

Daddy had the day off so loaded up and went & had lunch at The Chicken Shack.  It was a first for us.  Chicken tenders, sweet tea, & could you go wrong?

During lunch - Brady loves being in the Mobywrap.

After lunch, Brady and I headed to Grace's house for a little play date.  Okay, I'm thinking really the play date was for mommy & Grace's momma...always refreshing to get to have some girl talk!  Especially when we share the similar experience of being mommies of infants.

Brady & Grace 
Grace looking over at Brady in her swing.  Too cute!

Brady was fussy (due to not taking a nap - that boy needs his sleep) so I swaddled him & Robyn got him to sleep in Grace's swing.  Guess that's how Brady rolls during his play-dates, ha! 
Grace is so sweet!  She wanted to play with Brady so bad.  We laid them on the play-mat together and she just keep patting B. and smiling at him.  Sweet, sweet girl!

I hope Brady and Grace grow up to be great friends.  Lord knows we'll need them to keep an eye on each other while at Texas A&M.  Is it wrong I just assume that is where my children will go to college?  I mean after all, there is no better place and I hope I raise them to be smart enough to choose only the best! ;)

Then we rushed home to get ready for dinner.  We all then headed out to dinner...with a screaming, crying baby.  I felt so bad for our friends.  Thankfully, he only cried on the way there and once we got to the restaurant, he was fine.  Dinner was wonderful & again it was nice to catch up with good friends & have some adult interaction.

The Reagan's with Brady B.
It was a wonderful day & a great way to spend Brady turning 2 months old.  Brady slept for 5 hours straight that night due to all the his dates.  Yay for sleep!

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