Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Sunday

So yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. We ended up not going to church due to being extremely tired from the night before. I didn't think our little man was up all that much, just we were both extremely tired for some reason. Brady and I didn't wake up until noon, wow!

Therefore, most of my day was gone. I got up, ate lunch real quick then made a Wal-Mart run. I needed to return some diapers and exchange them for a different size. Well, come to find out my drivers license expired, hmm back in November. Oops! So they wouldn't let me exchange the diapers without a valid driver license. Go figure! Looks like that's what I'll be taking care of this week.
Daddy and Brady also took a Sunday afternoon nap. Nothing sweeter!

Once I got home from my unsuccessful Wal-Mart trip, it was time to make some cheese dip and guacamole for the game. Honestly, I didn't really watch much of the game or commercials...I was rather bored to tell you the truth so instead I pinned on Pinterest. Way more fun, don't ya think?!

For dinner, we (meaning AB) grilled hamburgers on his new grill (he got an early birthday present) and we had chips & dip to go along with it. We aren't very good NFL fans, I guess since we really did nothing exciting for the game - oh well, low-key is always a good thing to me. Especially with a 7 week old.

AB's bacon, gauc, cheeseburger
While I made the guacamole, Brady hang out in his swing! :) feet!
Love that little face more than words can express!We may have not cared much about the game but we sure did have a SUPER Sunday! Hope yours was just as super! :)

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