Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

So I know Mother's day was a few weekends ago but I've yet to blog about it.  So here it goes...

The night before Mother's day, I was up most of the night with an upset stomach so I spent most of my 1st mother's day going from the couch to the bed.  I was a little sad we weren't able to attend church and get dressed up for the day.  And maybe because I felt sick but I also was feeling homesick and was missing my own momma.

Such as life - things don't always go as planned but that is okay, I did have a wonderful day at home with my sweet baby boy and husband.

Brady gave me lots of sweet gifts - a shirt that says "I love my husband!" (ha!), a new busy mom's Bible with my name imprinted on it that is pink (love), a notepad & pen, a mom picture frame, and corbels to go with the shelves in the kitchen that AB is going to build.  AB took Brady out one Saturday to go get all my gifts, I thought that was so sweet!!  Love those boys!

AB ended up having Monday off so since I was feeling better we made a family trip to try out the new Genghis Grill for lunch and made a stop at Sprouts Farmers Market.  I'm a nerd and love grocery stores.  Sprouts is similar to a Whole Foods but on a much smaller scale.
Me & my sweet boy on my 1st Mother's Day!  Best gift in the world!!

Brady loves the cashiers when we go shopping.  It is too cute!

That Saturday we made a day trip to San Antonio to spend mother's day with AB's mom and his family.  We had lunch at The Tower of Americas, stopped by this delicious cookie place where I got a red velvet cupcake (yum!), and then we spent the rest of the day at his sisters visiting before dinner at a bbq place then making the 2 hour trek back 9pm.  Oh my, way past B's bedtime!  But he did pretty good for the whirlwind trip.

Brady's first time ever at Tower of Americas...way up high in the sky!  And first time in his own seat/high chair.

After lunch, we got a complementary trip to the outside part of the tower.  It was sooo windy!  Also, there was no changing area/station in the bathrooms so it was rather interesting when B. had what we call a "blow-out" and I realized that not only was there no changing area in the bathroom but I didn't have a complete change of clothes for him in the diaper bag.  I had brought several changes of clothes but they were packed in a different bag, in the car, way down some 100 feet.  Ha!  Luckily, since the place is considered fine dining the bathrooms were immaculately cleaned and being lunch time, hardly a soul around but still I had to change him on the bathroom floor...ahhhh!  It reminded me of that Bethanny Ever After episode where she is changing Bryn on the bathroom floor at some restaurant...ha, the things we do as mothers!  Which would also explain the way too big shorts he is in. 

And back down on level ground...

Delicious red velvet cupcake...oh with a mini homemade ding-dong too! :)

Brady also took his first cousin bath so when we got home we just had to transfer him to his crib.

Love these two & so thankful God picked us to be B's parents!

I really did miss my mom on mother's day this year.  Maybe because I am a mom now I realize how important the day is.  I have an amazing mom and am so thankful for her.  I hope to be the same kind of mom to B. that she has been to me.  I love you mom!
Thank you for always supporting, loving, and encouraging me!

Happy Mother's Day 2012

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