Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Eve 2013

We spent Christmas eve doing the traditional thing we've done the last few years.  We had a mexican lunch (enchiladas & tamales) at AB's parents, then came home for a nap before getting ready to church.

We went to the early service this year (5:30pm) since it was for kids/families.  It was precious!  Three kids told the Christmas story and any and all kids who wanted to participate could pick the character they wanted to be (angel, shepherd, wise man) and at their part, they would gather at the back of the church and then walk towards the manager seeking our Savior.
Sweet girls that were sitting with were angels so Brady opted to go up with them, as an sweet little angel.  At the end, we broke our glow/light sticks and sang "Silent Night" and let our little lights shine.

I can NOT make it through the Christmas eve service without tears.  I just become overwhelmed by His love for us and the tears just fall.

Blurry is typical for pictures these days.  But he is smiling ;)

Oh how He loves us!

Then to see your child's innocence and love.  Be still my heart.

Last year we started the tradition of taking Christmas goodies to our local firehouse.  It is just a small token to show the love of Christ and to say thank you for risking your life each and everyday for those of perfect strangers.  Since I've had B, I'd had big dreams of doing all these wonderful holiday traditions, but I have to be real and know those expectations cause me more stress than joy.  Maybe when he gets older, I can try some other things.  But for now this is the one thing we do together as a family from making the goodies and then dropping it off.  There were only 2 firemen at the station, as the rest were out on a call and those 2 had just returned.  So it was a quick drop off, but definitely worth it.  We came home, then went back out to his parents to see the cousins for a few minutes and give them their Christmas pjs. 

Once we got home for the night, it was time to put the boy to bed & play Santa!  After we put out treats for Santa & his reindeer, of course!

His big Santa gift didn't fit under the tree.  So we just left it in the backyard.

 Sorry for the horrible phone pictures.  It was LATE and I didn't think about getting the DSLR out.

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will to men." 
Luke 2:14

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