Thursday, January 2, 2014

Six Years of Marriage

AB and I celebrated SIX years of marriage on December 29th 2013.  I love this man more than I did the day we said, "I do!"  This man has been my absolute rock when the storms of life rage.  He has carried me through hurts, disappointments, and struggles.  He has challenged me to never give up, because he never gives up on me.  On us.

He always puts me first.  He always stands up for me and most importantly he believes in me.  He believes in as a wife, a mother, and a friend.

He guides our family with such grace and always chooses love above everything else.  He works hard to provide for us.  There is nothing he wouldn't do for us.

He is without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Besides my salvation, of course. 

As a little girl, I always dreamed of being a bride and my wedding.  Never putting too much thought into who I would marry.  I know sad, but true.  I felt like I had the wedding of my dreams six short years ago.  Never did I imagine God blessing me with man as wonderful as AB.

I am beyond thankful for him and thankful God chose him for me.

AB, I love you more and more each year!  Thank you for loving me and holding me together through life.  He often jokes that he's the glue that holds this crazy train together.  That is sooo true!  And I'm driving this train ;)

We celebrated over a wonderful dinner at Kirby's Steakhouse and then a movie.  Love getting to spend everyday with this man.  Can't wait to spend the next 60 years with you! ;)

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