Sunday, February 15, 2009


Allen turned 28 on Thursday, February 12th.
I just love birthdays and making them extra special is so very important!! (or at least I think so...) Allen's birthday started out LAST weekend by his parents (Danny & Momma B.) coming to town Friday night. We had a nice dinner at Excel Steakhouse and then Saturday - Eric, Cadee, and Joe made the trip to College Station! Saturday night we went to dinner at Atami Steak & Sushi for a hibachi style dinner. It was our very first time to go, and it was sooo good! Joe definitely enjoyed it - he was mesmerized by the cook & all the fire. After dinner, we came back to have birthday cake...
In my family, store bought cakes were never an option! Every birthday mom would ask us what kind of cake/dessert we wanted for our birthday. I normally picked red velvet OR carrot cake topped w/ the oh so fabulous cream cheese icing! Allen is more of a cheesecake kind of person BUT this year he asked for chocolate peanut butter brownies OR something of the sort. I LOVE looking for new recipes so the search started...
Allen is not much of a sweet eater BUT I thought would surprise him with a new recipe I found online. Saturday I made Allen a birthday cake from a recipe I found online at Great website w/ to die for recipes - I'm sure I'll be trying more her recipes soon! It literally took me most of the day!!! (thankfully, we had a lazy Saturday and just hung out at our apartment) It was not complicated to make - just lots of steps! The final product was UNBELIEVABLE! Take a look for yourself...

HAPPY Birthday CaKE!

THE sinful birthday cake - triple layer chocolate cake w/ peanut butter icing topped w/ chocolate peanut butter gauche

Can you say...OH MY!?!? Good was so delicious and VERY rich! A glass milk of is a must with this cake!

Thursday on Allen's actual BIRTHday:
Before I left for work, I made Allen his favorite breakfast: breakfast tacos! Topped w/ candles followed by the Happy Birthday song...I honestly don't think it could get much better than that for a birthday breakfast :)

He requested I cook him dinner instead of going out to dinner. Allen's birthday dinner menu:

-Chicken fried steak
-Mashed potatoes
-Homemade cream gravy
-Cheesy Velveeta macaroni & cheese
-Heart-shaped creme brulee (made by the wonderful folks at HEB)
-Ice tea

*All made from scratch except the dessert! Yes, even the gravy!! I made plenty so he would have left-overs for the next day :) He says, "and this is why I'll never be skinny again because of your good cookin'!" I do what I can...

BUT his birthday celebration did not end there...little did he know what else I had planned. A surprise birthday dinner - 2nd one in what 3 years I think...I LOVE SURPRISES!!!
Friday night I planned a SURPRISE birthday dinner at Los Cucos with his close friends. He had NO idea! Sadly, the camera I ALWAYS carry in my purse, I accidentally left it at home b/c I had uploaded pics earlier in the day- so I was sooo sad not to get any photos of the night :( I wanted to come back home & get it but Allen said "we don't need the camera!!" I ALWAYS need my camera :) My mom, dad, and sister also came to join in on the birthday celebration. They were going to come the weekend Allen's family was here but mom came down w/ the flu :( Britt & Brooke also joined us, as well as Allen's wonderful grad. school friends. Afterwards, we went to The Tap to continue the celebration. It was a great time and I hope Allen had a birthday to remember!

Here's to another year of joy, laughter, and health - year 28!
I love you and hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Yay for Scrubs & birthday presents!

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