Sunday, February 1, 2009

My 1st pillowcase dress!

Today, I completed my first pillowcase dress! Yippee!! I am so proud of myself! I think I might be actually getting good at sewing, woohoo :) I did not use an actual pillowcase (pillowcases just aren't that cute), I found this fabric on clearance for $3/yard. I kind of created my own pattern based on some other patterns I had seen online. For my very first one, I think it turned out pretty good! :) This was also my first very time to use extra wide, double fold, bias tape (gosh, that's a long word!) and I found a blog with awesome instructions & photos, I'm totally a visual learner - I love when I get stuck then find a solution so quickly! Thank goodness for the internet :) For the next one, I hope to add some embellishments along the bottom, like some ric-rac, ribbon, pom poms, or even a sweet ruffle! The possibilities are endless...which is why I love sewing!

Now I just need one of my precious nieces to model for me! :) Back to the sewing machine to complete another project!

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