Monday, June 7, 2010

Farm Living

You all know the song, "farm living is the life for me..." well farm living IS the life for me. At least one day, it will be. AB & I both grew up in small town USA and we plan to one day move to small town USA to raise our own family.

Last night, me and my good friend Brooke discussed our dream home or forever home, for about an hour or more. The problem is I like so many different styles that it is hard for me to pick just one particular kind of house I like.

But lately I've been on the farmhouse, cottage kick. My dream home is one filled with fresh baked pies, laughter, lots of counter space & cabinet space, a mudroom, and bead-board. For the love of bead-board...I think I'm slightly obsessed with it. While the Mr. is not such a fan. He likes more darker woods and tones, as well as a huge media room. I have already said we will have a TV room and a living room with NO TV. Clearly, I am not the TV watcher in house.

So last night in the wee hours of the night, when I could NOT sleep (ugh!) I sat up & found my "dream home" in photos.

Take a look...

I am loving the tumbled marble! However, I would not do it on the counter tops unless it was sealed because it is not easy to clean. But the back-splash & the farm sink, ohhh la la sheer bliss!

Love the open-ness of this! And ooOhh myy bead-board is everywhere!

Aren't those floors just beautiful?! I love the open cabinets on both sides of the beautiful window. And YES another farm sink!

OK friends, this next photo is my favorite!!! Aunt Ruthie sure knows what it means to have a pantry, and I'm not talkin' about your momma's pantry!

YES ma'am, that is a pantry in the middle of the kitchen! Not tucked away in some corner but she is a showpiece, shinin' at her best! Annnd oh my good heavens, there is a pie/baking center and a window for passing through ingredients but more importantly for a fresh baked pie to cool. This has love written all over it, don't ya think?! She did not miss any attention to detail when creating this fabulous masterpiece. Y'all it even has a screen door. Ohhh, I think Aunt Ruthie knows what she is doing! Just beautiful! There are many more photos of this precious gem over at Sugar Pie Farmhouse.

I will admit, I want to be just like Aunt Ruthie! In all her class, style, wisdom, and sweetness. Be sure you check out her blog, you will fall in love too!

Movin' bathroom that is.

White subway tiles, so clean and classic.

Looks like some good flea market finds...who says all things have to match?!

There are things about this one that I like and things I would change. But that is what is fun about this...find ideas that inspire you and twist them (personalize) to make your space fit for you. I like the sinks and the open base - this way your guest don't have to "snoop" into the cabinets, because come on - we all know everyone likes to "snoop" around in the bathroom, especially us girls. Ha! Just tellin' it like it is...

And this next photo, it is a bedroom and I just looove it.

Simple, shabby, chic, and cozy! The blue wall paint with the mixture of colors seems so inviting. And something I would have never thought to put together.

Photo credits: House Beautiful

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