Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tractor Ride

Brady went on his very first tractor ride today.  My father-in-law just got a new tractor and he was out "playing" today on it.  It was the perfect opportunity for a little father/son bonding time.

After we got home from church and all ate lunch, AB loaded up Brady (after I put him in his personalized tractor onesie) and they headed out to the field.

Daddy took video for me so I could see.  And so Brady could day because a) he is too to remember and b) he slept through the entire thing!  Ha!

 Photo of what kind of tractor he rode. John Deere 9560RT
Photo courtesy of John Deere

I told AB I bet he would sleep for hours on a tractor because he loves anything that moves/vibrates.  He might be going to work sooner than later...for nap-time!  Haha!  AB said he even walked right by the motor and Brady didn't even flinch.  If you've never been around or close to a tractor, they are LOUD!

I stayed home and spent some much needed time cleaning the house.  They were gone for a good 2 hours so I got lots done but also just spent some time, hmm sitting doing absolutely nothing.  I didn't even turn on the TV, ha!

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