Friday, March 16, 2012

Fun with Mimi

My mom came to stay with us last week.  She got here Wednesday night and stayed until Sunday.  We love when Mimi is here!  While she was here, she watched Brady for me while I went up to school to turn in some stuff and get a few things out of my desk.  

We also spent a day shopping!  
Brady passed out at the mall after lots of shopping!

We had lunch at Cheddar's.  Where her and Brady did some talking :)
And she helped me clean out of my closet, which was much needed!  I ended up throwing out 2 huge trash bags full.  Feels great to have a organized closet.  
Hangers anyone?

Now that I'm staying home, my goal is to do organization 101 throughout our house.  Time to do away with the clutter and things we don't need/use.  We'll see how well that goes...
Brady with his 2 grandmothers, Nanna & Mimi

One night we had ribs and invited Allen's parents over.  So Brady got to have both grandmothers around that night.

I hate that my mom lives so far from us, just breaks my heart!  So I love when she comes to visit!!  I can only hope and pray that when Brady grows up he will love his Mimi as much as I love her.  And I hope I can be just as a good of a mom to him, as she has been to me.  We love you & miss you Mimi!!  Can't wait for when you get to back to visit!

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