Monday, March 5, 2012

A job of a lifetime

Today I would be returning back to work as a teacher as according to my leave paperwork, but instead I am here at my new job.  Not so much new because I've been doing this job since my life forever changed in the wee hours of the night almost 3 months ago.

Last Wednesday, I turned in my letter of resignation.  There were lots of emotions as I am going to truly miss all the sweet teachers I work with.

Just as I always dreamed of my wedding day, I dreamed of the days I would be able to stay home and raise my kids.  Honestly, I had every intention of going back to finish out the school year...but God had other plans.  And I honestly didn't know just how it would work out money-wise...but God said money isn't everything.

The day after I quit I was doing some quiet time and this was my devotional for the day from Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.

"When something in your life or thoughts makes you anxious, come to Me and talk about it.  Bring me your prayer and petition with Thanksgiving, saying: "Thank you Jesus, for this opportunity to trust You more."  Through the lessons of trust that I send to you come wrapped in difficulties, the benefits far outweigh the cost.
Well-developed trust will bring you many blessings, not the least of which is My Peace.  I have promised to keep you in perfect Peace to the extent that you trust in Me.  The world has it backwards, teaching that peace is the result of having enough money, possessions, insurance, and security systems.  My peace, however, is such an all-encompassing gift that is independent of all circumstances.  Though you lose everything else, if you gain My Peace you are rich indeed."

Wow!  When we were trying to make the decision about what was best for our family, there was a point and time when all of a sudden I had such peace about it.  It was as if He was saying to me: stop worrying about all those things that really don't matter anyway like worldly possessions and you can leave without so many things for to be rich isn't how much money you have in the bank.  Then I read this and was blown away.  It was somewhat of the nail in the coffin kind of deal for me.  Sealed the deal.  Moved me to tears.

Once again I've seen Him work in my life in a way that only He can.  He has brought peace where doubt lived.  He has brought joy where I didn't know it could exist.  He has shown his face so often during the process of the decision making.  And I am so humbled by His grace and mercy time after time.

I remember my mom telling me once after I complained about how ugly our car was and why didn't we have a nice, fancy car like other people, "people will never remember the kind of car you drove or had, but what they will remember is that kind of kids you had and that's what is important."  Now I am forever thankful that my parents made sacrifices in order for my mom to be there with us everyday.

I hope I can leave that same kind of legacy for my children.  So here is the my job of a lifetime!

And here is what I get to look forward to each and every morning!

Also, thanks to my incredibly supportive husband who tells me almost daily at what a great mom I am and how he can't imagine anyone else taking care of B.

I AM on very blessed girl.

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