Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just take the tractor another round...

my sweet boys
It's planting season around here which means long days.  We don't get to see AB much since he leaves before the sun is up, comes home at dark, and works throughout the weekend.  Last Sunday, he asked if I'd come out & ride with him.  So I said, sure we'd love to come ride the tractor with you.  I loaded B up and we took him and Dandy lunch then took a few rounds on the tractor :)

Brady is learning early...I keep joking that he'll be driving a tractor by the time he is 3.  The boy has no choice but to like tractors & dirt.  The picture above makes me smile, it's like he is holding on to daddy like "everything little thing is gonna be alright!"

Brady ended up falling asleep so we ended up riding for a good hour or so.  Guess B. loved the sound & vibration of the tractor.  I think I'll send him to work with AB during nap time! :)  AB was pretty smitten to have his baby boy there too!
And because pictures just don't capture the moment as are some videos of Brady's 2nd tractor ride but his 1st ride where he's awake!  What sweet daddy/son time spent together!!

It's moments like these that make me wish I could "freeze-frame" time!

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