Monday, March 26, 2012

Our weekend

Friday, Brady had a doctors appointment to get his medication straightened out for his reflux.  Which I was so glad I had called & made an appointment earlier in the week because Thursday night, he didn't hardly sleep at all due to reflux & teething.  The hiccups were back, the spitting up, the arching of his back, and you could just tell he was uncomfortable.  We love our pediatrician!  She upped his dosage and gave us several refills so hopefully we can stay out of the dr's office for a while now.

 Waiting for the doc to come in to see us.  He is ready for Easter! :)

Afterwards I had some errands to run so we headed off into town.  But first we stopped by Chick-fil-a for some half lemonade, half sweet tea - yum!  Then we made a run into Old Navy, Joann's, & Hancock fabrics.  Brady had his fill of shopping so we headed back home with a stop by Wing Stop to pick up dinner.  They have been going to open for months now & finally opened last week.  I picked up wings for us & we finally made it home around 7pm.  We were both worn out!

Saturday we had big plans for friends to come over to play!  Two girls I taught with were coming over for King Ranch Chicken & just to visit.  I dearly miss all the people I worked with.  I had made some great friends during my time there so I've been trying to make a point to keep in touch with them.  Amy has a little boy that is 6 days older than Brady and so we finally got them together.  We also had the same doctor during our pregnancies.  She is the sweetest & I'm so glad we were able to finally get together.

Matthew thought Eva was so funny!  He just kept giggling at her.  So cute!!
Look at those sweet boys!  Matthew & Brady, just a little over 3 months old.

And Eva is one I've become super close with.  She was essentially my back-bone when I needed strength during school.  Love her to death!  And Brady loves her as well.  She basically just held him the whole time she was here.  She is also having her 2nd baby, due this summer & she is also having a boy!  I am so excited for her!  And can't wait to hold/meet her baby boy!!!  I hope him & Brady turn out to be great friends!
Eva requested king ranch chicken so we had king ranch chicken, salad, and chocolate chip cookies.  It was a nice little lunch.  I had left over french rolls from earlier in the week so I decided to use them to make homemade croutons.  I don't think I'll ever buy store brought croutons ever again!  Homemade ones are so much better & so easy!

It's so great to have friends that are in the same mommy stage that I am.  I'm so thankful for them & that Brady will know have lots of little friends to play with and hopefully we make some great childhood friends.

Sunday, we slept in and didn't make it to church.  I know a terrible habit to start.  But AB was got a day off so we just enjoyed having nothing to do.  We finally got up & had a late lunch and made a family trip to Sam's for a few things.  Brady was being quite the bear too.  I'm guessing it's because he is teething but the last few days he has been super needy.  So I am was so glad AB was home to help me out for the day!  I was trying to get a picture of his beautiful blue eyes in his smocked lamb bubble - well he was having none of it!  Ha!  He makes the funniest faces but if you ask his daddy, they are all mommy faces.  They are kind of blurry because I was trying to take them with my phone in the car.

Ha...I love this one!
Only 3 months old & already refusing to smile!  Ha...gotta love him!  We did take him out behind our house to the field to take his 3 month pictures & we got I think 1 good one so maybe we'll try again this afternoon.

Hope your weekend was as fun as ours! :)

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