Saturday, June 23, 2012


We've been under the weather this last week.  First, Brady then me.  Thankfully, it rained stormed Thursday so AB was home Thursday and Friday.  Couldn't have been better timing.  He was able to deal with Brady while I slept, whined, and sneezed every 10 minutes.
This never happens.  Meaning B. just falling asleep but a nap but I guess daddy has that special touch because he fell right to sleep with him on Thursday.  So sweet!!!!

This is what daddy dressed B. in Thursday...

So we've had a pretty low-key week.  Yesterday, we did finally venture out to get a sno-cone, a quick lunch (that we ate in a parking lot, ha!), and a stop at H-E-B for a few things for dinner.  B. and I sat in the car while AB ran in.  I'm telling you, we are interesting people.

Today was the first day, since Wednesday that I felt well enough to go out by myself amongst the living.  Ha!  Brady and I went to the bank, picked up a healthy breakfast, and then went to ride with AB for a bit.
 my yummy breakfast - don't judge

 Weeee...tractor ride

 Oh how I love that boy!!!

Then I came home and cleaned the kitchen and then decided to dirty it up again.  I had bananas that were over-ripe and I had been wanting to try a few of the banana bread recipes I pinned forever ago.  I decided to go with this one and it did not disappoint!

Before the icing...

I don't know if I'll ever make regular banana bread ever again!

I'm having to resist from going into the kitchen so I don't eat another piece.

During my sickness, I've spent more time in bed and in front of the TV than I have since I had Brady.  Luckily, there have been some pretty decent great movies on.  Here are a few I've watched:
Country Strong - seemed so predictable, but totally threw me off guard at the end.  AB and I actually kind of liked it.
The Smurfs - fell asleep
Something Borrowed - not bad, kept my attention
And these two classics I watched today...

I tivo'ed Eat Pray Love but have yet to watch it.  And this is what Brady did while I indulged in movie-time...
Poor baby still has a runny nose so his little nose is so chapped and red.

Since tropical storm Debbie is supposedly headed our way, daddy will be working round the clock to finish up grain we took him an evening drink and snack.

Brady is so busy and is starting to get into everything.  I know he will be crawling soon, which I'm not looking forward too.  We are also going to have to lower his crib mattress very soon.  I was trying to get his picture before bed-time tonight to send to daddy and this is what I got.  Such a little turkey!

He moves so much, I can't even get a decent picture.  Not to mention I really need a new phone.  Well, that pretty much sums up what's been going on around here...not all that exciting but oh my heart is so full!  Thankful for the little blessings like my sweet baby boys' smile and for the hot shower I'm about to take...gotta love motherhood! ;)

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