Monday, June 4, 2012

Misc. Monday

This is just a random post for my records and to clean the photos off my phone!

Last Thursday (5/31), we had a lunch date with a good friend at this place that has a huge outdoor area.  Perfect for kids but definitely hot in this Texas heat!  Tinley and Brady are just 11 days apart in age.  They enjoyed the South Tx breeze while us mommas chatted, okay gossiped! ;)

Afterwards, I treated myself to my 1st sno-cone of the summer!  Tigers blood...yum!!

I think our garden has hit it's day we talked out and noticed the squash plant no longer existed, ha!  I'm not sure if it didn't get enough water or if it just got too big and was done!  Literally!  Cucumbers and tomatoes are still producing - but I'll be honest I think I'm over the garden.  The mosquitoes are horrific and I'm over eating squash and green beans for dinner every night.  But we did have a great harvest a time or two and I'm pretty proud since it was our first try at a garden.

A few weeks ago, we went to a fundraiser event for the South Texas Girls Scout.  It was essentially a women's dream come true...the theme was "Power of the Purse" so there was a huge silent auction of tons and tons of purses!  I ended up the winning bidder on these cinda b. bags (a tote, overnighter and iPad sleeve).  I love the bright colors!


I also had the cutest little date in his seersucker coat.  He was getting close to his bath and bedtime so he wasn't the happiest.  Him and daddy weren't all that impressed with all the purses but we did have a good time for a great cause.

I had to return some stuff at Marshall's and decided to get a new swimsuit while there.  Brady was less than expressed with me having to try it on.  Trying on stuff with a wiggly, 5 1/2 month old, who refuses to be in the stroller is interesting.  He would shrill at the top of lungs, while I tried to keep him from wiggling out of the stroller, all while breaking out into a cold sweat.  Ha! 

 What a ham!  I could just eat him up!!

I decided on this hot pink Ralph Lauren one - my first mommy swimsuit!  I was happy to find one but okay maybe I don't blame B. for all the loud outburst...we can all admit swimsuit shopping is for the birds!  Especially after having a baby, ahem!

I was in charge of the decorations for a baby shower.  I needed a last few minute things and inspirations so B. and I headed to Dollar Tree, which I was shocked at how much party stuff they have.  Plus way cheaper than Party City, where I had went the week before.  I left Brady sit in the basket for the very first time.  He loved it!  Such a curious little boy.

Memorial day weekend, we went took a short dip in the pool.

Recently had a special request for a teacher shirt.  So I designed and whipped up 4 of these this last week...turned out super cute if I do say so myself!

And today I started packing up all of Brady's clothes he has out grown.  Talk about make a momma sad.  Seems like just the other day we brought him home from the hospital.  He is growing way too fast!!  I love watching him grow...he is my heart's delight!

That's it for my random Monday post...if you are still reading, ha - I hope you are enjoying your Monday and your first week of summer!!

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