Monday, November 19, 2012

SURPRISE! My 30th Birthday

Friday was a rough day.  We had plans to go to dinner with a good friend of mine who's birthday is 4 days after mine.  We are both turning the BIG 3-0.  After keeping a friends' baby I was worn out from the day and just wanted to curl up on the couch and veg.

That didn't happen.  Instead we loaded up and headed to Brewster's.  As I walk in I saw a sea of people.  People I know and love.  My in-laws, 2 close family friends, and all my precious friends were waiting for me, ready to celebrate this milestone of a birthday.

Yes, there were tears.  Lots of tears.  I was overcome with emotion seeing how I've never had a surprise party and secretly have always wanted one.  It was a dream come true.  Surround by the ones who I love.  Hubby knows what a huge deal birthdays are to me.  I love birthdays!!  And this one just so happened to be extra special.

All thanks to my amazing husband!  So thankful for him and it's a night I will never forget!!

 Momma Robyn :)
 Sweetest friend ever!  Eva
Miss her so much.  Amy

LOVE these girls!
 Lacy, Nicki, Me, Eva, Grace, & Robyn
 a sister.
 Best friends for life.
 Grace was a lil' trooper!
 Ohhh be still my heart.  My baby boy!
 Sweet friend Lacy

And the crazy friends are.crazy.

 Don't judge.  You only turn 30 once...and with friends like mine - you don't say no.  ha!  Coming from someone who hasn't drank in almost 2!
The other party planner and great friend.  Love her to pieces.

It was one unforgettable night and I am forever thankful to those who made it so special!  I feel so very loved!

I actually turn 30's to another year and a new decade!

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  1. Oh, how special to have a surprise party! Happy (late) birthday!