Monday, November 12, 2012

Sweet Home College Station

We had an amazing weekend!  Anytime we go to College Station, it's just amazing and feels so much like home.  Even if it is growing at lightening speed.

Our sweet friends had their 2nd baby, 2 weeks ago and I was itching to go see them.  We also had planned to take our family photos with friends in the College Station area.  So we planned accordingly and made it a weekend of babies, friends, and photos.

Friday morning, we loaded up and headed out.  Making several stops along the way.  Traveling with an almost 11 month old (oh my word, getting wayy to close to a year) makes for an interesting trip. 

We got in town around 2, checked in to our hotel, and then went to spend the day with our friends.  And see/hold the new baby boy!!!
That evening with left all 3 kiddos with the boys and us girls took a little shopping trip and then had girl talk over a sandwich dinner.  It was wonderful to spend time chatting with Brooke! 

Saturday was a big day!  The Aggies were playing Alabama, #1 team in the nation.  We went to eat lunch @ Cheddar's then watch the game.  Us girls ended up taking the kids to the mall since there's only so much time they can spend cooped up in a restaurant.  And since we were doing so well, all the loud cheering and clapping was really scaring my sweet boy.  The mall was a much better atmosphere for us.  Even though I hated to miss watching the game!  Especially since WE WON!!  One of the most exciting wins and games in modern Aggie football.  Unbelievable really!!!  Aggieland was on an all-time high.  Everywhere we went we heard people hullabaloo and whooping.  I am SO proud of our Aggies and most certainly proud to be an Aggie.  We were really tempted to go to campus to welcome the players back home but really not feasible with a baby, especially one who is scared of cheering and yelling. 

The mall was kicking off Santa's arrival so they had "snow" on the hour.  We took the kids to the "snow" area and it was a bit of a disappointment.  Essentially just foam bubbles.  Rylie who is 3 asked, "what is this???" ha!  She couldn't be fooled. Brady didn't seem all that impressed either.


Since it was such a long day and Brady didn't get us normal naps in, we ended up calling it an early night.  We went to our hotel around 7 and got him ready for bed then decided what we'd eat.  Our hotel was in the same parking lot as McAllister's so we decided on that.  So I got to eat there 2 nights in a row, ha!  Fine by me because I am addicted to their sweet tea.  And I'm a fan of their cranberry orange turkey club.

I loved getting to see our friends and can't wait to see our kids grow up together, even if we live miles apart.  Rylie loves Brady and vice versa.  Can't wait to see them all go off to A&M together! :)  Oh be still my heart...

 Fathers and!
 Ry, AB, Jackson, and B.
B. had lots of fun playing.
And sleeping...he was NOT having the pack and play so he got sleep in the "big bed!"

Sunday morning, early that morning we had our family photo session.  I am hoping we got some great pictures out of the deal.  First time AB and I have had our pictures taken professionally since we got married.  Five years ago.  We had lunch with The Lloyd's before heading back home.  Brady was asleep before we left the restuarant.  He was laying his head down at the table so AB took him outside and put him in the car seat and he fell right asleep.  Bless his heart!

I did not want the weekend to end.  Nor did I want to leave College's my happy place!  It was so nice to get away and just enjoy our little family of 3.  Not to mention the Aggies beating Bama was still on our minds Sunday.  We love us some Aggie football!!!  Gig 'Em Aggies!!!!!!

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