Friday, October 2, 2009

100th Post & Aggie Football!!!

Yay for my 100th post! And for this beautiful fall weather we are having...

But more importantly...WHOOP for Aggie Football! Allen and I are headed to Fort Worth today then to Arlington tomorrow to watch the Aggies beat the hell outta the Arkansas Hogs in the new Dallas Cowboys stadium! Ohhhh...I am so excited, giddy, anxious, and so blessed to call myself an Aggie! Tonight we will stay with our good friend, Sara then tomorrow meet up with Kyle & Shanna for some fun tail-gating action THEN it's off to the game with our great friends, Matt & Tandi. Gosh, Aggie football & great friends - I don't know what more a girl could want!

This weekend is the 2009 Southwest Classic - Rivalry Renewed and I am so excited & ready for some Fightin' Texas Aggie football!!!!! I so miss living in College Station & miss the feel of game day in the day we hope to have season tickets so we won't miss any of the action. I am hopin' & prayin' for a Fightin' Texas Aggie WIN!

Gettin' the field ready...

You can also support us Aggies & watch the game on ESPN2 - kickoff is Saturday at 6:30pm.

And as Allen says..."Look for me, I'll be in the one in maroon!" Ha, silly boy who I love so very much! Ohhh and we get to see the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band play & win half-time, WHOOP! I have goosebumps already! I better take some tissue because I'm pretty sure I'll be crying...oh how I love being an Aggie!!! By the way...Aggies never lose, we just run out of time! But don't you worry...that won't be a problem this weekend :)

Whoop for getting to be the 12th man tomorrow!
Gig 'Em Aggies!!!!


  1. where'd you get the picture of them getting the field ready? too cool!!! I am SO jealous you get to go...yell twice as loud for me, and kiss allen twice every time we score (that'll be a LOT of kissin)

  2. If it's possible, I think you're more excited than I am. I'll see you there. haha whoop!