Thursday, October 29, 2009

What a week!

This week has been definitely a week of emotions, ups and downs, and well guess that is what living life is about! We had an amazing weekend with Mom in Houston...remember how I said we ate at Pappa's Seafood - well I forgot I took photos of our food that night. Yes, Allen thought I was just crazy!! Haha but my goodness the dessert sampler was delicious! It had key lime pie (which was heavenly!), cheesecake, and this amazing warm pecan pie with ice cream...ahhhh! Sorry this post may be a little long BUT it's been an eventful week!

Monday came and that afternoon, Allen came home to tell me the bad/good news. His company did a company lay-off sweep, if you will. Allen worked with and next to a guy who has worked for the company for 5 years, his wife is a stay at home mom, and they have 3 precious children (2 under the age of 2)...out of everyone in the office, he was the one laid off. Not only was he laid off but in the Austin office, 2 people were laid office and one moved to part-time. The Dallas office was also hit pretty hard. There is just not enough work to go around right now. While we prayed for Allen NOT to be laid off (thank you Jesus!) it has still be difficult knowing there are families now without work and so close to the holidays. So while we are so grateful and praise Him that we weren't affected, our hearts are heavy for the ones who are now unemployed. I ask that you left up these families in prayer and all families that have been affected by our weakened economy. The holidays can be such a lonely and difficult time and I'm afraid this holiday season will be extremely difficult for many families.

Tuesday morning, I got up, got dressed, made my coffee to go, ate breakfast, and was prepared to substitute 5th grade. On my way there, I received a phone call saying there was a mistake and 2 subs had been entered into the system and they were sorry but they did not need me that day. UGH! I was very kind to the lady on the phone, and she even said "wow, thank you for being so nice about this mix-up" well it wasn't her fault and I thought WELL, guess God has other plans for me today! Since I was already dressed, I wrote a cover-letter and took myself to Central Market to show my face and drop off my resume and cover-letter. I applied for the sales manager position in the bakery dept at Central Market. I also applied at the Whataburger home office. I am trying to remain positive, hopeful, and faithful that God will provide! Finding a job is probably the most stressful, discouraging thing anyone has to go through. I heard this past week - if you want to feel bad about yourself, go on an interview! Ha, so true!! I just wish I had an interview to go on...but I know my time IS coming!

Hump Day comes and Reno has been on medicine for what we thought was allergies. Well, the medicine that normally works, was NOT working and his poor little face was getting worse. I just took him to the vet last week and spent $100 (and $500 in June), I called the vet to see if he could just give me a different medicine so I wouldn't have to bring him in. Well, of course not...took him in and $200 later - we find out it is some kind of infection (either bacterial or fungal). The vet took some hair and skin samples and we should have results in a few days exactly what it kind of infection it is. Lovely! So he is now on antibiotics and
non-fungal medication for 2 weeks AND my poor baby has to wear a cone-collar for those 2 weeks. Allen and I feel so bad for him but we know it's what is best in order for him to get better. Gosh, not sure if I can handle real children...Reno is giving me a run for my money (literally) ha! He had his first treatment last night and his face already looks better. Praise the Lord!

With the cone-collar on...

ALSO, found out that Allen PASSED part one of the LARE - it's the test he has to take in order to become a registered, certified, legit landscape architect. I am so proud of him! He takes part two within the next month. It is a 5 part test but I know he is so smart and will beat the odds and past ALL 5 parts the first time! Most people do not...but my Allen B. will!

Wednesday night, I also have bible study and last night it was so good! Since I'm sure your eyeballs are hurting from reading this or I have lost your interest back at what happened Monday - I will post about Wednesday night bible study at another time.

Please keep us in your prayers as I search for a job. I have applied at several places this week but some days can be so discouraging. If you also need prayer, please let me know - email me at

"What a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer! O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear, All because we do not carry everything to God in prayer."

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