Monday, October 26, 2009

She's a natural...

This past weekend, Allen and I went to Houston to see my mom. Friday night, mom took us to Pappa's Seafood...and oh yes I had stuffed lobster! Yum! Saturday we went to Wharton to my aunt & uncle's and spent the day with them. The weather was wonderful! We sat outside, visited, ate seafood gumbo, drank wine and had delicious cake! Originally, Sunday we had planned to have a mini photo-shoot with my niece, Madyson - she is an officially Honey B. Boutique model. Well...apparently my mind was NOT in the right place because I forgot the outfits here in San Antonio. Yes, I know! I was SO upset (upset doesn't even begin to describe how I really felt)...we were about an hour on the road when I realized we didn't have the hanging clothes with us. But I did have one skirt with me and Madyson had her boutique bottoms on Sunday when she came over to her Nonnie. I did get a few shots of her, she loved modeling! Can't wait to get back down there to get more pictures of her for the website. She is a natural, just look at her in these photos. Makes me smile!! We had a wonderful weekend at home with mom but we sure did miss dad. Being 4 hours away kind of stinks but such as life...just makes going home all that much sweeter! :)

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