Sunday, April 15, 2012

Childhood Friends

Yesterday we took a day trip to Wharton, the small little town I grew up in to see one of my childhood friends get married.  I moved from Wharton the summer before my 8th grade year and we ended up losing touch.  But thanks to Myspace we reconnected a little over four years ago.  It was perfect timing because it was about 2 months before my wedding so she was able to attend my big day.

We have known each other practically our whole lives and I hate that we for whatever reason grew apart.  I was so excited to be there yesterday for her big day!  She was absolutely beautiful & they had some of the best reception food I've ever had, haha!

After one long hug & tears!  I was so happy to see her!!

Nicole & I at my wedding, just a little over 4 years ago.

My mom met us in Wharton and watched Brady at a friends house while we attended the ceremony and the dinner part of the reception.  I think he had fun with his Mimi & I was thankful it worked out that she could come & watch him.

We went to go get him & ended up missing the first dance & cake cutting :( but I won't lie I was ready to see my sweet boy!!  We picked him up & changed him into a smocked bubble and went back up to the reception to show him off :) and for me to eat a piece of cake.  I love wedding cake, especially red velvet wedding cake!!  We danced one song together as a family, introduced B to Nicole & the rest of her family before heading back home.  We got home around 10:30 last night...which made for a very long day but it was so worth it!

Love my two boys!  Thanks hunny for driving us!!  I had such a great time and saw people I hadn't seen in some 15 plus years and got to see my old hometown.  Brady also got to attend his first wedding reception and we had our first dance! :)  And of course, everyone gushed over how handsome/cute Brady was.  We couldn't agree more!

And God bless camera phones otherwise I'd have no pictures from yesterday!  This momma was doing good to get everyone packed & in the car on time...actually we were a tad bit late for the wedding but thankfully the bride hadn't made the walk down the aisle yet!

So thankful for friends where you can pick up, right where you left off...I wish Nicole and Billy a wonderful, blessed marriage!

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