Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mimi's Birthday Weekend

My mom's birthday was on Thursday of last week so Friday we loaded up and headed to Houston for the weekend.

 Just can't leave home without Scout or Sophie...sweet hands holding on while on the way.

Normally, what takes us just a little over 3 and 1/2 hours took us FIVE hours!  Yes, five hours!  Brady is not a fan of the car...he is fine as long as he is sleeping but he fits his sleep while in the car seat and loves to scream when not sleeping.  So between downtown traffic, a torrential downpour, and a screaming/crying baby - we wanted nothing more than to get.out.of.the.car!  We made it to my parents and we had take-out from one of the best Italian places around.  It was a nice low-key evening.  And Brady slept so great that night (only woke up once), but mommy and daddy kept waking up to check on him...ahem.

Saturday, I really wanted to go to IKEA but it is a good 40 minutes from my parents so we decided against it.  Instead, mom and I left the boys at home and went shopping.  We stopped at Macy's for a facial from Origins.  My face looked and felt amazing afterwards, wish I would have taken a picture.  My face has been out of control since I had Brady and since I'm nursing and have used Proactiv for years, my mom thought it was time for a change.  I am excited about my new skin regiment and so far I'm seeing great results!
We met the boys (AB, my dad, & Brady) at Wings 'n More for lunch.  Yum!  Then mom and I did a little bit more shopping because she lives where they actually have decent stores, ha!  Should have seen me in the grocery store...I miss a good H-E-B!

Saturday evening, Madyson and Maddox came to spend the night.  And we AB cooked mom's favorite meal, bbq chicken.  I also made this coconut cake.


We had such a great time and as always it was bittersweet to say goodbye.  I hate that we live so far away...a weekend is never long enough with Mimi and Papa.

Brady did okay on the way home, not as much screaming but when he did scream it was brutal.  We stopped twice to get him out and get some fresh air.  One of our stops was in Hillje at Prasek's for some jerky, sweet tea, and crackers, yum! 

Happy Birthday Mom/Mimi...we love you so very much!!!

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