Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Today I'm linking up here for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

Here's what I'm loving...

I'm loving the rain thunderstorm we had earlier this week.  It has been a good while, probably 6 months or more since we've had rain such as we did Monday.  Our rain gauge showed we got over 4in of rain.  Perfect napping weather!

Our pool was filled to the brim.

I'm loving all the veggies our garden is producing.  Lots of green beans, yellow squash, & cherry tomatoes.

I'm loving Brady's My Pal Scout.  It sings, talks, & all of it is personalized.  You hook it up to the computer & pick the songs you want, your child's name, & your child's favorite color, food, and color.  There is a girl version who is purple & her name is Violet.  Brady's little friend Grace has Violet.  I love when it says "I love you...Brady!"  We play with him all throughout the day and Brady kicks his hands and feet with excitement - it's precious!  Definitely one of our favorite toys!

I'm loving this season of Bethenny Ever After.  I love Bethenny Frankel!  I think she is hilarious and I'm so excited Ellen has decided to give her own talk show coming in June!

I'm loving these strawberry-lemonade muffins I made late last night.  I needed to use up some strawberries before they went bad and had everything on hand.  So what if I ate three or four as they came out of the oven...

I'm loving this bbq donut, so fun!

I'm loving this song this week.  It's been on my heart all week.

But mostly today, I'm loving this man...he works so hard for our family and is always looking out what's best for me and Brady.  He is an amazing daddy and there is no other person I'd rather spend my life with!  Love you AB!!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. AW! We're loving the rain too! There was a point in time last week that I thought we were practically swimming in pollen. It's been so refreshing! Your strawberry muffins look like the perfect afternoon snack. I'm going to have to go rummage through my pantry. ;)

    Happy seeing beautiful!