Monday, September 10, 2012

Funday Monday

Today was the start of a busy week.  Our church started a new bible study just for moms and today was the first meeting.  I am so excited about joining this group of women and other moms who are in all different stages of motherhood.  We have new moms like myself and moms that are now grandmothers.  Even more exciting, we decided to do a book study over Crazy Love by Francis Chan.  I cannot wait to get started and see where this book takes me.  I've heard amazing things about this book and about Francis Chan. 

But the really big deal here is, it was Brady's first time to go to the nursery or for me to leave him anywhere other than at home with daddy or a grandparent.  i will admit it was wayyy harder on momma than it was him.  It was all I could do to hold back tears as I left the nursery.  We were late (Brady napped later than usual) so there were already a handful of kids in there playing.  From 7 months to 4 years old and there were 2 nursery workers.  I sat him down, he turned away to watch the kids playing, and I slipped out while he wasn't looking.  When I went back to get him, I could hear him before I even turned down the nursery hall.  Thankfully not crying, just being his loud self squealing with delight.  He was standing up holding onto a bookcase while he was opening and shutting a door to a play kitchen.  He must have felt right at home, ha!  He loves to open and shut the cabinet doors at home.  The ladies in the nursery said he was wonderful, just played and played.  He did look at me rather funny when I knelled down to pick him up.  Like "hmm what are you doing here?" kind of face.  It was a BIG step for momma and for him.  I am not ready to "let go!!" that's for sure but I know it will be good for him to get out and play with other kids and it will be so good for me and my soul to partake in this bible study.  So thankful God pays attention to even the details and gave me comfort today.  My momma heart had a lot of anxiety!

 Especially since last night was not the best.  Poor baby has 4 teeth coming in all at the same time.  He was miserable last night.  And now has a runny nose.  I was worried since he hardly ate any breakfast and that's always his favorite.  But he was a trooper the whole day despite it all.

 We went to Wal-Mart afterwards for a few things and then headed home.  He was OUT just a few minutes after leaving Wal-Mart.  He must have played his little heart out!!

I've been working long, night hours on a big t-shirt order I had.  I finally shipped it today!  Praise the Lord!!  But I did have one major issue and I accidently cut a hole in one of the shirts :( so I get to do another all.over.again.  Bummer!

Tomorrow I'm headed to Houston for the day/night...can't wait to eat and shop!  Hope your Monday was a fun one!!

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