Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nine Months

My sweet Brady, you turned NINE months on Sunday!  Just when I think you can't anymore adorable or fun - you prove me wrong!

Here is what you are up to these days...

Weight - still at 17lbs
Height - haven't measured you but it seems you get longer by the day
Size 3 diaper
Size 4 shoe
You wear mostly 9M and 9-12M clothes, and still some 6-9M
You can say "dada", "nana" (which we are pretty sure is mama), "bah-bah", and "hey".  You will often wave and say "hey" - cutest thing ever!
You still nurse several times a day and you are eating mostly all table foods with some baby food in between, if I can get you eat it.  Breakfast is still your favorite.  A typical day of food is oatmeal with bananas or other fruit for breakfast or a pancake on Saturday mornings.  You love pancakes!  For lunch, a squeeze pouch of food or you will eat whatever I'm eating/fix.  Same for dinner.  Like for lunch today you had cut up chicken and potatoes and for dinner you had cut up chicken, butternut squash puree, and an apple in your little silicone feeder with a few rice melts.  You prefer to feed yourself!  You are Mr. Independent!!  If we are eating, you insist on eating!  We introduced you to fake baby Cheetos (organic ones of course) on the way to College Station last Friday and I'm already regretting it.  But you love them!  You also love puffs, yogurt melts, and drinking water.  I try to limit your water intake and you have had apple/prune juice mixed in to help keep you regular - just whenever it is needed.  Honestly, you aren't the best eater.  You are like a bird, you just pick.  Could take it or leave it...

You have 5 teeth and more on the way!  EVERYTHING goes in your mouth...ahhhh!!  I'll be glad when this phase is over.  I spend most of my day seeing what's in your mouth.  Yesterday you had a WHOLE cricket in there!  I about died!!!
You are so active!  You are busy, busy from the moment you wake up until the minute you go to sleep.  You have become a very fast crawler.  You keep us on our toes!  You love to get into the dog food, the dog bowl, all the cabinets, and recently you've discovered the toilet.  Yuck!!!  And I do believe you are going to be a climber :-/ you already want to climb.  I'm also sure you will be walking before you're one.  You have been pulling up onto things for a good while now but just recently you have started to stand for a few seconds on your own and "cruise" along from one piece of furniture to the another.  Daddy said today you pulled up on one end of the couch and walked to the other end to where Coco was laying.  Wow!  Slow down buddy!!
You are definitely an explorer.  I love watching your little mind work.  I often think of what you will grow up to be.  Whatever it may be, your dad and I will be so proud of you!

You are very vocal and social.  You love to wave and try to get people's attention when we are out and about.
You also love to play!  Your favorite toys are a wooden spatula, your tambourine, and anything little thing that fits in your hand or mouth.  You also love the remote controls!  You still love bath time!

You still aren't sleeping through the night.  I've just come to the fact that you will sleep through the night, when you are ready.  You go to sleep around 8:30 and then wake up between 1 and 2 to nurse.  You aren't the best sleeper but I know this too shall pass and I'll miss rocking you in the wee hours of the night.  You normally wake up between 7:15 and 8.  You normally take a morning nap around 9:30 and sleep for about an hour and half.  You also take an another nap that you normally fight!  You go down just after lunch so around 1 and normally cry/play in your crib into you give in.  You sleep another hour and half, give or take.  You always love to cuddle when you first wake up and I love it.

You are incredily precious!  Yes of course we think that because we are your parents but doesn't matter where we go, people always comment on how beautiful you are, how blue your eyes are, or how adorable you are.  Makes this momma so proud!

You have the sweetest little personality and love to give hugs!  You must get that from you daddy :)  This is such a fun age!  Your little personality is really starting to show and I love it!  I am just in awe of you each day and in awe that God me such a special baby boy.  You are our world!  We thank God everyday for your precious, little life and spirit.  I pray you will go big things for God's glory!  Brady, we love you to the moon and back!  Thanks for giving us the greatest job on earth!

(I hope to get his 9 month photos done this week, I'll update this once I get them done)

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